Where to buy cheap phone insurance

When you sign up to a new phone contract, phone insurance will always be part of the package (for an added charge). The thing is, the insurance offered by telecoms providers such as EE and o2 are rarely good value for money. In fact, they can add hundreds of pounds a year to your phone bill. So, it’s worth looking for cheap phone insurance.

Why is it important to buy phone insurance?

Buying cheap phone insurance is worthwhile if you’re prone to clumsiness or have a track record of losing your phones. Especially, if you’ve signed up to an expensive long-term contract.

You should also note that consumer protection isn’t great if your mobile phone is stolen. It might be outside of your control, but most providers will still expect you to pay off the contract. When it comes to theft, even gadgets that stop you dropping your phone won’t save you.


Things to check for when reviewing cheap phone insurance deals?

Before blindly launching your quest for the cheapest phone insurance, remember that all that glitters is not gold. In other words, scan those terms and conditions and check for the following:

  • How much is the excess charge (the amount you’re obliged to pay to claim on the insurance)? Bear in mind some insurance companies increase the excess if you need to claim a second time.
  • Will the insurance replace your phone if you’re original one needs fixing? Let’s face it, most of us would melt into a puddle of nerves if parted from our phones for longer than a day. Don’t be that person.
  • Confirm if the insurance is valid when you’re abroad – not all cover will apply overseas.
  • Go over what you’re covered against with a fine-tooth comb. Important buzzwords to look out for are liquid/water damage, loss and theft.
  • Confirm who will pay for any calls or data used between your phone being taken and your contract provider blocking your SIM.

Now you know why you need phone insurance and what to look out for, here are five cheap phone insurance providers to get quotes from when starting your search:

1. Tinhat mobile phone insurance | From £6.49 p/m*

Tinhat’s phone insurance cover unauthorised phone calls if someone steals your mobile. Their excesses are also low, at £25 to make a claim.

Tinhat is currently running a promotion which gives you a month’s free insurance when you pay for a full year of cover. It does mean giving over more money up front but works out cheaper overall.

2. Protect Your Bubble phone insurance | From £7.99 p/m

Protect Your Bubble offers cheap phone insurance to protect you against those usual life hiccups: theft, damage, breakdown etc. The cover is also worldwide, which is ideal if you like to travel.

Right now, Protect Your Bubble are offering a 10% discount on their multi-gadget insurance. This kind of insurance often works out more expensive, but if you have a tablet that needs insuring, take advantage of this deal.

3. Better Buy Insurance | From £6.49 p/m

Better Buy’s quote covers all the usual things you need to look out for, such as accidental damage, loss and theft. Depending on the value of your phone, you’ll pay an excess of either £25 or £50.

A benefit of going with Better Buy is that they reward loyalty. If you spend a year with them and don’t make any claims, your excess fee will reduce by 25%. It will then reduce by a further 25% year-on-year until you pay no excess whatsoever. The offer applies even if you upgrade your mobile.

4. So-Sure mobile phone insurance | From £7.99 p/m

So-Sure’s cover always protects you against loss, theft, damage and breakdown. For breakage, you’ll pay an excess of £50, while for loss or theft you pay £70. The best perk when it comes to So-Sure is their referral reward scheme. If a friend or family member join So-Sure and connects with you, So-Sure will add up to £10 to your account. This money is yours to spend how you wish, so long as you and none of your connections claim during the year.

5. Row mobile phone insurance | From £5.99 p/m

Row.co.uk’s cheapest phone insurance won’t automatically cover against loss. But to include cover for loss, you only pay an extra £1, which is worth it.

The excess fee changes significantly depending on the value of your phone. If your phone’s worth £200 or less, the excess is £40. For a smartphone worth more than £200, you’ll need to pay the higher excess of £75.

*The prices listed are based on the cost to insure 16GB iPhone 6S purchased July 2017.

As well as getting your insurance quote on the website, it’s a good idea to contact each insurer directly. It’s fine to be cheeky and bluff that you’ve seen a cheaper deal elsewhere. You never know, they might be willing to drop their quote in a bid to secure your custom.