What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S8

There are plenty of rumours and leaks swirling around about the Samsung Galaxy S8 right now so here is what you should expect from the new device. The buzz is building with the imminent release. Plenty of people have shared what they believe the smartphone will have to offer. But what the truth is in these rumours?

There is now a confirmed launch date of March the 29th for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Plus there are plenty of rumours about what features the latest Samsung flagship smartphone will have to offer. There will be some improvements on the Samsung Galaxy S7 despite how great that smartphone was itself. The smartphone shall launch on this date in both New York and London.

Galaxy S8 leak

Rumour has it that the display will be larger – a 5.8-inch display with a longer 18:5:9 aspect ratio. The body size will remain similar to the S7. They apparently plan to achieve this by removing the physical home button from the front. Plus moving the fingerprint scanner to the rear and adding pressure sensing technology under the screen in place of a home button. It is markedly different to the previous offerings from the Samsung Galaxy range. It will be fascinating to see these rumours come to fruition.

While the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner is a given, there are also rumours that the Galaxy S8 may have an iris scanner, adding another element of security to the handset although there are worries about how fast and how user-friendly this will be. Eye tracking is seen as a good way of keeping items secure. But the fact that it will take longer to unlock the smartphone and do certain things means it isn’t as user-friendly as other features like the fingerprint scanner which takes mere seconds.

Camera wise it is looking likely that the company will keep to the 12MP sensor on the back. However, there has been a talk of a dual lens camera and that the front camera may increase to 8MP. It is very likely that Samsung will stick to the camera specifications of before. These rumours could hold some truth.

Samsung has confirmed the rumour of the new AI assistant. The assistant, Bixby, is set to take on Apple’s Siri and the assistant from Google. It will be interesting to see just how Bixby matches up to its counterparts and how user-friendly the AI assistant truly is.

While these are mostly just rumours circling right now, it will certainly be interesting in a couple of days time to see just what Samsung have to offer with their new smartphone and whether it is the Galaxy S8. We will have to wait to see how user-friendly the smartphone is. But it sure is exciting to know we only have a few more days to wait.