What To Expect From The iPhone 8

Each year we expect a new iPhone. Apple has after all released a new device every year for the past decade. There are always rumours about when the release will be, what it will look like, what functionality it will have and whether it be called the iPhone 8.

Will it be known as the iPhone 8?

The ‘iPhone 8’ is no different. There are plenty of rumours including its name – but no one knows if it will be called the iPhone 8! If Apple follows the pattern they have always followed, logic suggests this new phone will be called the 7s – Apple always releases a model one year with an improved ‘s’ model the next. However, there are rumours that the design will be brand new and thus iPhone 8 seems more plausible. With this year also being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple may decide to do something spectacular, so other names have come into the frame including iPhone X. It remains to be seen just what name they will opt for if it is indeed one of these.

When will the smartphone be available and how much will it cost?

iPhone 7

Rumoured to be Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date. The new iPhone is expected to cost more than £800 in the UK and over $1000 in the US. Another rumour going around is the launch date. Apple has again seemingly been following a pattern with the unveiling of a new handset being revealed in early September, usually around midweek. People have noted that it tends to be the week after the big technology conference in Germany, the IFA.

Logic would suggest that the unveiling will be Tuesday, September 5th or Wednesday, September 6th this year. The IFA starts on September the 1st, and the Monday is a US holiday. So Wednesday is perhaps more likely to be the reveal date, with sales of the model starting a week or two later on a Friday. We are probably looking towards mid to late September for the launch with pre-orders opening the week before they go on sale as always.

How is the phone expected to look?

iPhone 8 concept from Balogh

An iPhone 8 concept from designer Gabor Balogh

There are plenty of rumours out there about what it will look like and feel like. Firstly, people believe there will be three different phones. Recent years have seen the release of two models: the standard 4.7-inch screen and the 5.5-inch screen ‘Plus’ model. So three models aren’t too implausible.

One of the major rumours right now is the possibility the device won’t have a home button. It will follow in the footsteps of other smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8. But with the inclusion of the vibrating solid state home button on the iPhone 7 rather than one that clicked, a physical home button is looking much less likely.

Edge to edge display – a screen that covers the entire front of the phone – and wireless charging are just two more of the rumours. Mobile phones still suffer from their batteries only lasting a small amount of time. Despite the advances in technology, so this would be a major plus point. Whatever the rumours, it will be interesting to see what Apple come up with.