Vodafone Contracts: What You Should Know

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Vodafone Contracts: What You Should Know

Google Pixel 2 is all set to impress, upgrading the already impressive features of the previous Pixel. On board, you’ll discover a dazzling 5-inch display, eye-catching 12MP camera, and super-fast multitasking processor. Upfront Cost: £334.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Everything You Need to Know About Vodafone Contracts

Vodafone has come a long way since making the first mobile phone call in the UK on 1 January 1985; including a rebrand to the Vodafone name that they’re known globally by. Today, more than 400 million people around the world are customers of the conglomerate, including their main product: Vodafone contracts.

When a company is dominating the phone contract landscape of the UK, can they be trusted to offer the best phone deals on your mobile network needs? Whether you’re a loyal Vodafone customer or virginal and looking to make a network move, you should be making note of the T&C’s, small print and general information before signing a contract. Could you be making a deal with the devil?

Apple iPhone 8 | 64GB |Gold

Upfront: £110.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone X | 64GB | Grey

Upfront: £385.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone SE | 32GB | Grey

Upfront: Free; Data: 4GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone X | 64GB | Grey

Upfront: £199.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone 7 | 32GB | Black

Upfront: £29; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £100.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Google Pixel 2 | 64GB | White

Upfront: £332.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

LG V30 | 64GB | Silver

Upfront: £25.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Huawei P10 | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £19.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

HTC U Ultra | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £434.99; Data: 500MB; Minutes: 500; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Vodafone Sim Only | Option 1

Upfront: £0; Data: 250MB; Minutes: 250; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months

Vodafone Sim Only | Option 2

Upfront: £0; Data: 20GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months

Vodafone Sim Only | Option 3

Upfront: £0; Data: 5GB; Minutes: 500; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months


Vodafone Contracts

Looking to get tied into one the Vodafone contracts on offer? With most contract providers it’s best to do some research before signing on the dotted line. All of the Pay Monthly Vodafone contracts come with a standard 24-month manufacturer’s warranty; this includes Apple products, which makes Vodafone the only mobile network to do so.

All of Vodafone contracts come with 4G data as standard, Vodafone Global Roaming (use your UK tariff abroad at no extra cost [check the destinations included here]) and a choice of Vodafone Pass (perks, perks, perks).

A common issue people have with customers is getting tied to a lengthy deal and realising that the current tariff doesn’t meet their needs. If you’re on a one the Vodafone contracts you can easily add data when you need it; simply text 1GB for a 1GB extra data, or 2GB for (you guessed it) 2GB of data to 97888.

Vodafone Sim Only Deals

Has your contract come to an end or are you buying the handset you want outright? Whatever your reasons for shopping sim-only deals separate from handset contracts, that doesn’t mean you should compromise on a good tariff deal.

Often, sim-only deals lack the same perks as full mobile contract deals; however, that isn’t the case with Vodafone contracts. If you grab yourself a sim-only contract from Vodafone you’ll be privy to all the same goodies, such as 4G data, Vodafone Global Roaming, a choice of Vodafone Pass and flexible tariff upgrades with a monthly contract. And you can enjoy the same level of 4G data and roaming with a Vodafone Pay As You Go sim.

Vodafone Perks

Vodafone is an industry dominating brand, which allows them to largely get by without putting much effort into offering extra perks (cough, 02, cough). Most of the services offered with Vodafone contracts as “benefits” come as standard from most other networks such as insurance, which still comes at an additional cost.

Spending time with an expert in-store is a pretty sweet deal, though most store managers would be willing to help walk-ins with queries given they were on the right network. An old handset recycle scheme is also billed as a benefit alongside an entertainment plan.

The entertainment plan, Pay Monthly Red Entertainment, allows customers the choice of either a NOW TV subscription, Spotify Premium membership or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

‘Best in Test’ for Voice in London

The biggest issue Vodafone could face is a backlash against their signal, so they’ve been doing loads to widen coverage.

Since their conception, Vodafone has supplied coverage to nearly 100 rural communities through their Open Sure Signal Programme, as well as building new masts to previously uncovered areas and adding new technologies to existing masts.

Vodafone is now providing: increased 4G coverage indoors and out, increased 4G coverage in London, improved call-quality by offering HD Voice calls and network coverage in places where there’s no mobile signal through Wi-Fi calling.

And the result? Being crowned Mobile Network of the Year 2017 by Trusted Reviews and best-in-test for crystal-clear calls in various UK cities.

Network Satisfaction Guarantee

Vodafone now offers customers the option to download their Network Satisfaction Guarantee app, which allows the network users to leave feedback in real time when experiencing a network error. In return, customers are given 250MB of UK data lasting for 7 days and to be claimed once every 30.

V by Vodafone

V by Vodafone (1)

Dipping a toe into domestic technology, Vodafone has created a range of smart gadgets controlled through a mobile phone. Introducing V by Vodafone, the “range of smart devices for every part of your life, all managed through one simple app on your smartphone”.


The V-Auto is a smart device from Vodafone that keeps a record of your driving routes, how long they took, as well as rating your behind-the-wheel performance regarding safe driving. The smart device even knows when your car has been involved in a collision, prompting contact to offer roadside assistance or even contacting emergency services on your behalf.

If you’re the forgetful type, fear not, you can even see where your car is parked from an in-app map.

Device Price: £85.00
V-Sim Subscription Cost: £4.00 for a 30-day plan


We want our pets to be happy, however, that often means letting them off the lead and sometimes… out of sight. The Kippy Vita S from the V-Pet range of V by Vodafone clips neatly onto a collar and uses a GPS tracker to let you know where they are, and it even sends notifications if your pet leaves the pre-set “safe zones”.

Device Price: £55.00
V-Sim Subscription: £4.00 for a 30-day plan


Next in the line of smart devices is the V- Camera, also known as Arlo-Go. The Arlo-Go is a 4G, wireless and weatherproof camera that can keep watch even when you’re not. The night-vision, instant alerts and month-long battery make it ideal for use as a security camera. All footage is automatically saved to the cloud for up to a week.

Device Price: £339.00
V-Sim Subscription: £4.00 for a 30-day plan


Vbag (1)

Simply attach the Alcatel MOVETRACK and you’ll be able to track its precise location via GPS on your smartphone. The app allows you to set up “safe zones” and once the device leaves these locations you’ll receive a notification. All of this plus a 4-day battery life.

Device Price: £59.00
V-Sim Subscription: £3.00 for a 30-day plan

Vodafone Global Roaming

All of the Vodafone contracts comes with Global Roaming as standard, regardless of when you joined. That means taking your normal plan of data, minutes and texts to 110 destinations worldwide; and for Pay As You Go customers to 50 destinations in the PAYG Europe Zone.

If you’re not sure whether your next destination if covered you can check here.

About Vodafone

Vodafone started as a small mobile operator in Newbury and has since grown into a global business that’s one of the most valuable and well recognised in the world. The communication technology giant operates in over 30 countries and is partnered with networks in over 50 more.

Vodafone has always been a first-runner of mobile communication innovation; they enabled the first call from a mobile phone in 1985 and continued with a list of “firsts”. These included the world’s first international mobile roaming call in 1991 and a new standard of mobile communications with internet access on mobile handsets in 2002 via the operating system Vodafone Live! More recently Vodafone Money Transfer has allowed customers to safely and easily send money using their mobile handsets.

The Vodafone Foundation

It’s 2018 and brand purpose has never been so important. From the #speakbeautiful campaign from Dove and The Body Shop’s “Enrich. Not Exploit” motto that drives them to enrich people, products and planet; brand purpose can be seen propping up the reputations of almost all large brands. Vodafone is no exception.

How is this charitable goodness conducted? The mission, Connecting for Good, focuses on supporting projects that deliver public benefit through the application of technology across the areas of health, education and disaster relief. The Vodafone Foundation invests in the communities in which it operates and is a registered charity in the UK (1089625).

The Vodafone Foundation boasts 25 years of giving, 27 separate Vodafone Foundations around the world and an impressive £40m invested every year.