Virtual Reality Suits Are Here

With virtual reality products being such big business in today’s world, it is hardly surprising when developers come up with another new product that utilises virtual reality to create a brand new experience. There’s virtual reality for gaming, drones for Pokemon Go and fishing that both utilise VR. Now you can even get virtual reality suits!

Virtual Reality Suits – Hypersuit VR

Just one of these amazing virtual reality suits is the Hypersuit VR simulator. Unveiled at the CES Unveiled event in January. It is an exoskeleton that could soon allow users to experience ‘breathtaking universes’ from the comfort of their own homes.

The Hypersuit is full body immersive and relies on the user’s arm movements to control their ‘flight’. There are numerous experiences including deep sea diving, and there is also different airspeeds depending on the setting. Intended for entertainment and gaming purposes, it is an interesting take on virtual reality products. Hopefully, one day it will be in use for military training or even physical therapy.

It isn’t the only virtual reality suit that will hit the market soon though. A Scotland-based VR startup called Tesla Studios have developed their Tesla Suit. Which the design has feedback sensors. It also contains a control unit, the wireless ‘T-Belt’, which contains a motion tracking sensor and a temperature sensor.

A group of engineers from the University of Rochester in New York called Nullspace VR have a developed a Mark IIB prototype of their virtual reality suit. The suit looks like a bulletproof vest or light armour. Each section of the suit has a small motor in it.

Rez Infinite Synethesia Suit

Another virtual reality suit of interest is the Rez Infinite Synethesia Suit, by a group of four students from Japan. They have developed a velcro suit with countless tiny motors that wires into the HTC Vive to give the user a great virtual experience. Described by one user as akin to a ‘psychedelic kaleidoscope’. They were very impressed with what it had to offer. Even recommend other users gave it a try when they possibly could.

With numerous companies developing virtual reality suits, including university student groups and start-ups across the country and indeed worldwide, it is clear to see that they are just one of the new virtual reality products of the future. Designed to give their users an enjoyable and fully immersive experience. While those that have been developed have some similarities in the way they are designed – for instance, the inclusion of many, many small motors to vibrate as the user experiences the suit – they all offer something a little different too.