Travel Gadgets to Help You Sleep

The world is quickly becoming more accessible. Where once foreign travel was exotic and expensive, flights to European cities are now often cheaper than getting a train up north. And with the accessibility of travel increasing – as is our time spent doing it.

The best way to pass your time travelling is to catch some Z’s but anyone who’s spent any time travelling will understand the discomfort of it. You’re often too hot, too cramped and carrying too much stuff to possibly feel at ease. However, as with every discomfort in modern life, someone has made a piece of tech to counteract it.

Introducing travel gadgets to help you sleep. Whether you’re sick of your morning commute, a frequent flyer or have a long trip coming up, this is for you. This list of travel gadgets to help you sleep ranges from crazy contraptions to small foldaway’s perfect for cases.

Travel Gadgets to Help You Sleep:

  1. PillowFix

First and foremost, when it comes to picking travel gadgets to help you sleep, some form of pillow had to come up top. PillowFix is ideal for frequent travellers who often sleep away.

The small travel companion is a very simple invention. The plastic oblong is inflated by blowing through the nozzle and then inserted into the pillowcase underneath the substandard pillow. The PillowFix adds height and firmness – the perfect fix for flimsy pillows.

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  1. White Noise Maker

When sleeping away do you struggle to snooze? Are you on edge from foreign surroundings, hypersensitive to background and environmental noises? Then this is the travel gadget for you.

New surroundings and strange beds aren’t conducive to a good night’s sleep, especially if your temporary abode is city central. The advert may have said it was double glazing but somehow city sounds are still filtering through.

A White Noise Maker, however, will mask background noises with a dull sound that’ll make it easy for you to drift off.

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  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’re trying to reach never-neverland during a long stint on transport, i.e. train, car or plane, then noise-cancelling headphones could be just the ticket.

After all, there’s nothing worse than being kept awake by the roar of jet-engines, car horns and screaming toddlers.

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  1. Trtl Pillow

The Trtl Pillow really have stepped the travel sleep game up a level. Everyone has felt the pain and frustration of trying to sleep whilst travelling – your head bobbing up and down like a bulldog car toy, jolting awake every time.

The Trtl Pillow has three main selling points:

  • It works to support your head’s weight for optimum up-right snoozing;
  • Disguised as a scarf, the Trtl Pillow is trendy and has an innovative aesthetic;
  • The Trtl Pillow folds to be easily tucked away when reaching your destination.

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  1. Light Cancelling Eye Mask

Travelling can often seem a bit like a Kanye West song – cop lights, flashlights, spotlights, strobe lights, street lights – all of the lights, all of the lights.

Light is the main interruption of sleep while travelling, since, after all, they’re functional public places where people need to see. But blinding, artificial light shouldn’t hinder your kip.

Light cancelling eye marks are one of the cheapest travel gadgets that you’ll come across. But they’ll make going to sleep in one city and waking up in another easy.

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  1. Portable Humidifier

When it comes to travel gadgets to help you sleep, this is the most pompous. Not enough moisture in your hotel room? Gosh, that sounds like a dry skin nightmare.

Why, fear not, a travel humidifier is here to help. A portable humidifier will convert a standard water bottle into a moisture-producing tank.

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  1. SleepPhones

SleepPhones are designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, described as “pyjamas for your ears”.

Essentially, SleepPhones are earphones tucked snuggly into a soft headband. This means no large, bulky (and uncomfortable) earphones being lent on during the ‘on-the-go’ nap.

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  1. Smart Nora

Perhaps, the issue with your next trip isn’t that you can’t sleep but rather others can’t when you’re around. If you’re a frequent or prolific snorer the idea of business trips or holidays with friends can be daunting, knowing you’ll be labelled foghorn forever after.

Smart Nora is the latest in a string of anti-snoring gadgets. However, rather than being strapped to the offender’s face like most other products, Smart Nora is placed under the pillow. From here, when the adjoining gadget detects noise the Smart Nora will shift and change the tilt of the snorer’s head.

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  1. Seat Solution

Sitting, sitting, sitting; sitting for hours on long journeys. If your butt falls asleep before you do, it could be hard for your brain to drift off. Sounds like you need a Seat Solution.

The Seat Solution is an orthopaedic seat cushion that adds 4inches of memory foam to any surface your behind occupies. The built-in handle and 2lb weight making it ideal for travelling.