Three Mobile Deals for the Data Hungry

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 64GB | £35.00p/m £48.00 P/M
Three Mobile Deals for the Data Hungry

The sleek new Samsung Galaxy S8 has ultra-thin bezels to give a rounded infinity display for a truly immersive experience whilst remaining dust and water resistance. Upfront Cost: £79.00; Data: 12GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Three Mobile Deals for the Data Hungry

Whether you’re an existing Three customer or a Three virgin looking to switch, it’s smart to compare mobile deals. A good deal will get you a more up-to-date phone for a cheaper price, plus a liberal dose of texts, calls and data.

To help you find a Three mobile deal that works for you, we’ve listed the best pay monthly and SIM only offers below. If you spot an offer that makes your eyes light up, head through to the retailer’s site and claim it for your own.

Not sure if Three Mobile is the provider for you? For more on the Three network, including how their contracts work, keep scrolling.

Three Mobile Deals:

Apple iPhone X | 64GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Apple iPhone 8 | 64GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 12GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Apple iPhone 7 | 64GB

12GB data, unlimited mins, unlimited texts, 24 month contract

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 64GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 12GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Huawei Mate 9 | 64GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 1GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro | 128GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | 64GB

Upfront Cost: £79.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

4GB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

This 12-month rolling contract gives you a generous helping of data to use anywhere in the EU.

30GB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Three knows how to impress us! This 12-month SIM only plan will satisfy your data desires for less than £20 per month.

1GB | 600 Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Are you looking for a one-month contract for the short-term? You can ditch this contract after four weeks, or leave it rolling - the choice is yours.


About Three Mobile

Three skyrocketed to success in 2010/11 after an initial struggle to break into the UK mobile market. Much of the company’s success can be put down to its cheap data rates – Three champions the idea of ‘all-you-can-eat’ data, which removes the fear of uncapped data charges. With most of us now relying on data more than calls or texts, the generous data allowances on Three mobile deals are inviting.

How pay monthly contracts work on Three

three Mobile Deals Girls

Three Mobile has a range of contracts available for Android and iPhone devices. The contracts will work the same no matter which phone you choose.

Typically, you’ll begin paying off your Three Mobile contracts with an upfront payment. This payment comes out of your account at the time you sign up to the contract, and you make it in addition to your first monthly payment. Upfront charges range from £19 on cheap mobiles to £99 on the iPhone X.

Note: Some Three mobile deals will reduce or eliminate upfront costs. So, if you’re reluctant to have two payments come out of your account in the same month, look out for these offers.

Once you have a contract, you can set up your My3 account. This is an online portal where you can see the details of your price plan and a history of your payments to date. It’s also where you’d go to change your payment details.

How SIM only contracts work on Three

Three’s SIM only contracts are split into two types: Essential plans and Advanced plans. Essential plans are cheaper, giving you unlimited texts and a data allowance you can use in the UK or Europe. Meanwhile, Advanced plans include bigger data packages you can use around the world.

There are also two contract lengths available on Three’s SIM-only plans: one month or 12 months. The monthly payment on a single month contract will be higher, but you can cancel it asap. The option of a prompt cancellation is ideal for anyone who needs data for a brief trip overseas.

Do you get better Three Mobile deals on pay monthly or SIM only?

In the long-run, the cheapest way to pay for your phone is to buy the handset outright and find a SIM only deal. Yes, this means forking out a lot of cash up front. But overall, you’ll pay less.

If you can’t afford the cost of a new mobile, several retailers let you buy their phones on finance. If the finance comes with 0% interest (APR), you’ll pay less in total and avoid a crippling upfront fee.

Here’s an example of how this would work when buying an iPhone 8:

Cost of iPhone 8 = £700. Based on a 24-month 0% finance plan, you pay £29.17 per month.

You then add a Three SIM only advanced contract for £15 per month, which gives you 12GB data, unlimited texts and minutes.

Monthly payment = £44.14 Total to pay = £1,059.36

By comparison, buying the same phone with the same usage allowance on a pay monthly contract costs £57 per month. By the end of the 24-month period, you’ll have paid £309 more.

Are the best Three mobile deals on iPhones or Androids?

You get equally good Three mobile offers on iPhones and Androids. That said, you’ll notice the monthly payments on Androids tend to be less. These lower payments are a result of Android phones being cheaper in general.

If you don’t mind buying an old or refurbished phone, Three does hold clearance sales. In the sale, you’re more likely to find discounted Android phones than iPhones. Clearly, iPhones are so popular there’s no need to flog them!

Can I use a Three Mobile deal if I’m an existing customer?

As an existing customer, you should always check the contract’s fine print to see if you’re excluded from the deal. Nothing is more frustrating than going to checkout only to realise the offer is a new customer exclusive.

If you’re a loyal Three customer and can’t find a Three Mobile deal, call Three and ask what they can offer you. By letting the network know you’re willing to move to a competitor, you’ll put them under pressure to come up with a better offer.

What extras and freebies do you get with Three Mobile?

3 Mobile Deals Costa CoffeeWho doesn’t love a freebie? Three certainly do. All you need to do is download the Wuntu rewards app, which gives you access to various treats.

In the past, the Wuntu app has released various giveaways, including…

  • Free Dominos
  • Free Costa
  • Free Hotel Chocolat
  • Free cinema tickets

… And much more.

How good is Three Mobile’s network coverage?

People like to hate on Three’s network coverage, which is patchier than that of other networks. But, Three claims that its UK network coverage has greatly improved in recent years.

Before seizing a Three Mobile deal, use the network’s coverage checker tool to verify the quality of service in your area. If you live in an urban area, you’re unlikely to have any issues. But, as a country bumpkin, you’ll want to reconsider Three if their coverage is pants where you live.

Three Mobile: deals lingo explained

As you search through Three mobile deals, you might come across some unfamiliar terms. So that you understand exactly what Three mean, here’s a run-through of their favourite phrases:

Feel at Home

An abbreviation of the mouthful Feel At Home Around the World. Feel at Home is how the people at Three refer to their biggest perk – being able to use your data in 71 countries at no extra cost. Just like you’re at home.

three Mobile Deals All-You-Can-Eat

Go Binge

Three has teamed up with well-known streaming services to let you use their platforms for free. From Netflix to SoundCloud, you can now play music and stream tv series without worrying your data will run out.


A more fun way of saying unlimited. In the UK, all-you-can-eat really does mean unlimited. But, when your abroad, you could still find your usage capped.