The Absolutely Insane Acer Predator 21x

Introducing the Acer Predator 21x

Gaming laptops in the past to push the limits of what is possible. But, without necessarily creating the most economical solution to current computer issues. For example the recent triple screen laptop Project Valerie is perhaps not exactly cutting edge – but it brings a new level of entertainment to the gaming world. Now Acer has brought a gaming laptop to market which is quite ridiculous – and amazingly expensive.

Some will no doubt snap it up though. The machine seems to aim at serious gamers who have an unlimited budget to spend on having the best gaming laptop in the world.


The laptop’s features

It features a beautiful 21-inch ultra-wide curved display with a resolution of 2560 x 1080. To which, that is where the beauty stops sadly. The rest of the machine looks like it has been thrown together with pieces that weren’t all designed to be together in one place. You’re not going to be buying this baby for its aesthetics that is for sure. Nor the laptop’s low power usage. It requires two plugs to run the thing properly so bear this one in mind; you may need to carry a multi-plug adapter around with you!

According to Acer, this is the only laptop in the world to currently feature a curved screen.


There are some interesting extras though such as the keypad to the right of the main (Cherry) keyboard which you can also remove. Pretty slick.

Under the hood, it runs Intel’s new 7th-generation Kaby Lake Intel Core i7-7820HK. As well as 64GB of DDR4-2400 system memory.

You can have up to four 512GB SSDs for storage. It also boasts twin graphics cards – Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUSs no less running with 16GB of onboard memory. The Predator comes with 2TB of storage as standard.


Above the keyboard area, there is a ‘Tobi’ eye tracking device which allows you to interact (where the software has been built into the game) and control aspects of a game with your eyes. Like for instance move a camera around. It is a great touch for gamers who are using this type of capability.

Four high-performance speakers with subwoofers kick out the audio, giving the sound a crisp and full quality.

For cooling there are five fans which run without creating too much audible running noise.

There are however areas at the back of the laptop that gets very hot so be careful when touching it.

Anybody who knows keyboards will be able to tell you that Cherry make some of the finest mechanical keyboards in the world. So, it’s nice to see one used here. Though for the astronomical price tag – around £7,350 it’s the least you’d expect!

Predator_21X_frontThe machine is quite bulky and is uncomfortable to use on your lap after long periods of time – it’s much better placed on a desk. Even calling it a ‘laptop’ may be a bit of a stretch. It’s the best for games though.