Tag Heuer Launch The First Ever Swiss Smart Watch

One of the oldest watchmakers in the world has embraced new technology with aplomb. Tag Heuer has just launched the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, which also happens to be the world’s first ever Swiss smartwatch.

It runs on Android and was built in collaboration with Google and Intel. You can customise it to make it into your very own – there are over 400 different unique combinations that may be chosen, so the chances of your version of the watch clashing with your friends are minimal!

The Tag Heuer smartwatch range

There are many options to change the type of watch face as well as different coloured straps, buckles, faces, etc. The main range has eleven different designs including various materials such as titanium, and there is even a diamond option. These design options certainly do differentiate it from pretty much every other smartwatch on the market. It remains to be seen if this was a killer move for Tag Heuer or not though.

Intel Atom Z34XX processor powers the watch and it features 4 gig of storage, GPS and WIFI. The Android version it runs is known as Android Wear 2.0 which is Google’s latest wearable operating system.  It can also run Android pay so paying for products with your hand just became super simple if you like that sort of thing.

The lithium battery can apparently give 24 hours of life. Powering the much improved AMOLED 1.39 inch screen, a bright looking solution to digital watch faces.

“We will work to sell 150,000 pieces,” the Tag Heuer boss stated. Their previous model sold over 50k units, so this is not an unreasonable hope. He went on to say: ‘It’s my objective at least. We have to own your wrists’.

The watch is waterproof to 50 metres and also features a watertight microphone and speaker, should you need to take any calls while underwater!

How much will the Swiss smartwatch cost?

This watch is not cheap if you compare it to other Tag Heuer and starts at £1,400. A smaller unisex model will apparently release in October, for the ladies.

Intel is in the process of creating their digital assistant which is due to make an appearance on later versions of this watch. So it might be worth waiting for the next release. It seems like a pretty good entry into the world of smartwatches, however.

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