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Are you a gadget enthusiast who always has an opinion on newly released tech?

If so, get in touch! At Gadget Comparer, we’re always on the look out for strong writers who want to get their content out there.

We can’t pay you for your post, but we’ll edit and put it together so you have a stellar piece of work published online. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read our Guest Post Policy below.

How to get your article posted

Please don’t send us completed articles without prior correspondence. Instead, email us first and tell us what you’re planning to write about. This way, we can confirm the topic is suitable for before you spend time researching and writing.

Gadget Comparer’s guest post policy

Unique and original posts

We don’t accept duplicate content, so if your article is anywhere else online we’ll reject it.

Quality of content

We reserve the right to decide whether your submitted article is a suitable standard for publication. We don’t mind giving your writing the once over (in fact, you should expect edits to be made) but sloppy writing won’t find its way onto the site.

When writing a guest post for submission pay attention to:

  • Grammar: Correct spelling and grammar is important for clarity
  • Sub headers: Break up text with sub headers and paragraphs to make it readable
  • Tone of voice: We like articles to have a friendly, conversational tone
  • Links: External links are fine to include if relevant to the topic

When you submit a post, our editors have the right to make as many changes as necessary.

Including a bio

We love to put a face to a guest post so feel free to attach a picture of yourself. If you’d like to include a bio, the word count limit for this is 50 words.

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