Never Drop Your Phone Again With Spigen’s Style Ring

Why Spigen’s Style Ring is a great idea?

Let’s face it, dropping our phones is inevitable. No matter how careful you are, that split-second lapse in concentration resulting in your phone hitting the ground will eventually happen. When it does, you’ll be lucky not to have a cracked screen and even more damage. Now there’s a perfect solution; it’s called the Style Ring by Spigen.

It is one cool yet simple accessory. Mostly a ring that sticks to the back of your phone, where your finger can slide in.

As basic as it sounds, it’s extremely handy. Whether you are holding shopping in one hand or even riding a bike, there’s no need to worry about dropping your phone ever again.  You can also use it as a car mount which is convenient.

How to use the Spigen Style Ring.

You simply need to unpack, peel off the paper and stick it directly to the back of your phone case (Believe us, it works better with a case). It’s also worth knowing that this isn’t something you use once and discard. Also, it can be taken off anytime and reused.

You then wear the Style Ring like a conventional ring and hold the phone as you would normally. Straight away you notice more grip and control. The ring flips 180 degrees and rotates 360 degrees giving you unlimited flexibility.  When you’re not wearing the ring, it can also be used as a kickstand so you can prop it up on a hard surface to watch your favourite TV show.

Spigen’s Style Ring

A great car gadget too.

Spigen’s Style Ring car mount

The Spigen Style Ring comes with a car mount for simple mounting onto your dashboard, which then hooks onto the ring. Unlike the Style Ring, you can only use the car mount once, so choose your location wisely.  It works like a normal car mount allowing you to adjust vertically or horizontally.

However, like all accessories which require physical attachment to your phone. You may face issues such as taking your phone out of tight pockets which may or may not be a huge deal for you.

Will the style ring take off?

Spigen’s Style Ring

Overall the Spigen Style Ring is a great phone accessory, and a must have for those that have of cracked a few phone screens in their time. The kickstand and car mount feature are also extremely neat and handy.

The Spigen Style Ring also comes in 4 colours allowing you to match the colour of your phone.

With a price point of just £9.99 (available on Spigen’s official website), here at Gadget Comparer, we can’t recommend this item enough. Get yours now!