Sony Files To Patent New Contact Lenses That Can Record Video

With the advances in technology nowadays, it is little wonder that major tech companies are consistently coming up with new products and concepts for consumers. Every day there are brand new technological advances making their way onto the market. We are in the age of seeing smart everything. Smart TV’s, smartphones, smart headsets for virtual reality. One such company who are bringing out their own smart product is Sony, who has filed to patent new contact lenses that can record video. The blink of an eye will control these smart lenses.

These intelligent lenses, which are capable of both recording and playing video, have been designed by seven Japanese inventors at the Tokyo-based firm. The contacts include a camera, a storage unit and a wireless processing unit. Plus you only need to wear them in one eye. With switching on and off as simple as closing the eyelids, detected by a sensor.

What has Sony let on about the smart contact lenses?

When filing their patent application, Sony revealed how the smart contact lenses would use eyelid movement to activate the various functions available. Also revealed that depending on how long the eyelid remains closed, the lenses could also distinguish movements from involuntary blinking.

Blinking usually has a time period of between 0.2 seconds and 0.4 seconds. So should the period exceed that? Say over 0.5 seconds. The contact lenses will believe that the blinking is conscious blinking and take notice of the commands. Should the blinking be a shorter time period than 0.5 seconds, then the smart contacts will believe it is accidental blinking and will not take heed of the movement.

As well as being able to record and play video, the smart contacts are also able to take photographs and amend blurry images. Even like most standard cameras, manage autofocus, aperture and zooming controls.

If users wanted to switch the camera mode on or off, they would just need to close their eyelids on purpose. The user’s smartphones  can also control the lenses if they so wish. When recording video, the lenses keep track of every time the eyelids close. Then you can remove those black screens later on from the finished product. If a user wants to play a preexisting video, they just have to move their eyelids in a certain way. A movement that is different from the activation and deactivation blink for other functions.

The patent was filed in February 2014 and is yet to be reviewed. It also turns out that Sony isn’t the only company who have been attempting to develop smart lenses for different reasons. The people at Google have been giving it a try. Aiming to develop lenses that can detect the blood sugar levels of the person wearing them. Which would be handy for people with diabetes! Their patent application was also filed in 2014 and was published publicly in 2016. It seems smart lenses are on their way.