RIP Seedi. New retro gaming system fails to secure funding

A new retro gaming console able to run CD-based games from several brands, including Sony and Sega, has failed to hit its funding target. The console, aptly named Seedi, was designed for players wanting to run disks from the 90s on their HDTV.

For a glimpse of things that could have been, here’s the campaign video from the Seedi team:

Why the campaign flopped

The idea of creating a way to play retro games on modern TVs is a good one. So good, in fact, other start-ups are attempting to do the same.

You might have heard of PlayMaji Inc’s POLYMEGA console. The POLYMEGA (formerly known as RETROBLOX) is another prototype to have made an appearance this year. But, the POLYMEGA goes one-up on the Seedi by running both disk and cartridge-based games.

The option of running both is sensible, as it saves having to buy multiple pieces of hardware that clutter your living room. To run cartridge games through Seedi, you’d have had to buy a separate adaptor.

The campaign also got some stick for ripping off pre-existing solutions for retro gamers, such as the Raspberry Pi. A little unfair, given the Raspberry Pi, offers a cheap way to run games on your PC, not HDTV.

Other stumbling blocks for Seedi included difficulties integrating with PS2 games and pressure from providers like Nintendo, who are making it easier to access their classic titles online. With many players having binned their CD-roms years ago, gamers often find the online workarounds more appealing.

Seedi Retro Gaming Console

Goodbye, for now, Seedi

Although Seedi’s life has been cut short for now, the founders Chris and Bryan remain determined to make it a success.

Securing investment for projects in the gaming industry isn’t easy, and you have to admire their gusto. But to broaden Seedi’s appeal, they’ll likely need to incorporate cartridge inputs and add more games, such as PS2 and Sega Saturn titles. The retail price of $125 (circa £95) is also a little steep when other (more convoluted) hacks exist to play these games.

A non-defeatist note from the founders: 

Seedi Retro Console