Samsung Tablet Deals You Won’t Want to Miss

Samsung Galaxy Tab A + McAffee Anti-virus & 6 months' Now TV | £229

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1-inches) is a brilliant entertainment device for watching tv series on-the-go. Specs include: 32GB storage, 10.1-inches, White or Black, Wi-fi only, Octa-core processor, 2GB RAM

Samsung tablet deals are available all year, but every now and then an offer pops up that’s simply too good to miss.

Here we’ve collected together the best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals to remove all risk of FOMO (that’s Fear of Missing Out). From the new Galaxy Tab S3 to the older Galaxy Tab A, there’s something for all budgets and levels of tech awesomeness.

Of course, we also want you to make a well-informed decision about the Samsung tablet that’s right for you. So, we’ve included some to-the-point patter about why you’d choose one Galaxy Tab over another further down.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 | Amazon

32GB storage, 8-inches, White, Wi-fi only, Qualcomm processor, 3GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Tab A + McAffee Anti-virus & 6 months' Now TV | Currys

32GB storage, 10.1-inches, White or Black, Wi-fi only, Octa-core processor, 2GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with 0% finance | John Lewis

32GB storage, 9.7-inches, Wi-Fi only, Black or Silver, Snapdragon 820 prcoessor, 4GB RAM, 2 year guarantee

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Cellular | Tesco Direct

8GB storage, 7-inches, Cellular, Black, Dual-core processor, 4GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Tab E + £60 off McAffee Anti-virus | Currys

8GB storage, 9.6-inches, Wi-fi only, Black or White,Quad-core processor, 1GB RAM


How to recognise the best Samsung tablet deals

When presented with a wealth of Samsung tablet deals, you might find yourself staring at a lot of similar prices. But, it’s important to remember that price isn’t the only element of a good tech deal, and you’ll want to do some more research before committing to an offer.

To guide you to the best Samsung tablet offer, here’s what else you need to check when sizing up deals:

Price history

Sadly, the tech market is notorious for fake price drops, where retailers exaggerate the size of discounts. For example, a store might knock 20% off a product after only selling it at that price for a month. This isn’t much of a discount because chances are, the retailer upped the price in the first place to slap on a sale tag later.

To avoid being hoodwinked by bogus pricing, you’ll need to find out how the price of a Samsung tablet has changed over time. The easiest way to do this is via a price checker app like camelcamelcamel, which tracks price changes on Amazon.

Deals on other Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Always cross-check prices against other models to understand how prices change across Samsung’s range. You might find that older models do everything you need your tablet to do while costing much less than the latest release.

If you’re looking for Samsung tablet deals on mid-range devices, rather than new releases, try to hold out until the Christmas sales. In the run-up to Christmas, retailers typically offer big savings on mid-range Samsung tablets.

Deals on other tablets

Samsung tablets are produced to a high quality, but there are cheaper Android tablets if you’re on a budget. By broadening your search to manufacturers like Huawei and Amazon, you’ll find cheap deals on less powerful devices.

Check customer reviews

Here at Gadget Comparer, we do our best to bring you in-depth tablet reviews and comparison. Thing is, there are A LOT of tablets on sale so we might not have had the chance to suss out the model in which you’re interested.

As well as relying on us, you should read customer reviews (often, tech retailers will have a section for these alongside the product listing). When looking at customer reviews, check a few comments and the product’s overall rating – this will give you broad consensus on whether the tablet gets the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Don’t ignore the small print

All Samsung tablet deals will include fine print that has information on the product warranty, returns policy and shipping fees. It’s tempting to overlook this info when a mouth-watering bargain meets your eye, but these details tell you the full story about what you’re getting for your money.

The deals listed on this page have been cherry-picked by the Gadget Comparer team with all these factors in mind.  Fingers-crossed we’ve saved you a bit of time, so you can focus on the fun part: finding the best tablet for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs: Which model should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy S3 DealsSamsung Galaxy Tab S range

  • More powerful than many laptops
  • Stunning Super AMOLED displays
  • MicroSD card slots for expandable storage

Samsung’s S-range is its premium tablets line and offers impressive specs. The latest release in this range is the Galaxy Tab S3, which has a display you’ll struggle to stop admiring even after weeks’ using the tablet. That said, there are more Samsung tablet deals available on the Tab S2 if you’re after value for money.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S range

  • Built for professionals who need an ultra-portable device that works like a laptop
  • Comes with Windows 10 for a more versatile operating system
  • Fast processor for staying productive on-the-move

The Galaxy TabPro S swaps out Samsung’s preferred Android operating system for Windows. The device comes with a detachable keyboard but unfortunately, there’s no out-of-the-box stylus.

Samsung galaxy tab a dealsSamsung Galaxy Tab A

  • The best of Samsung’s cheaper Galaxy Tabs
  • Multi-user mode for adding other family members
  • Great entertainment device for streaming media

A Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a good choice if you want a laptop for surfing the web and streaming tv shows on your daily commute. Like most Samsung devices, Tab As have vibrant displays and the 8-inch models are a great size for reading and carrying around.

Samsung still sells a couple of older ranges, including the Galaxy Tab Es and Js. Although these Samsung tablets are cheap, we don’t consider them good budget tablets in 2018. By spending a little more on a Tab A, you’ll get a tablet with more features that doesn’t feel as dated.

How Samsung tablets compare to Apple iPads

Samsung and Apple tablets are widely considered the best on the market. However, they’re also the most expensive.

If you’re all about quality and innovation, the top models from either of these brands will stoke your interest. Yet, there are some general differences between the latest Apple and Samsung tablets. When choosing between the two, consider the following advantages of each brand, in case one’s a deal breaker for you:

iPad Pros

  • Apple’s iPads are incredibly durable and withstand more battering about
  • You tend to get more local storage with an Apple device for convenience
  • Apple devices are easy to use if you’re not a natural when it comes to technology
  • Cheaper starting price

Samsung tablet offers on S-rangeSamsung Pros

  • You get a stylus for better accuracy and a Pogo connection for pairing with a keyboard
  • A MicroSD port lets you store files externally so you won’t run out of space
  • Galaxy Tabs have brighter displays and better speakers
  • Samsung tablets deals tend to get you more money off than iPad deals

For more information on how Apple and Samsung’s premium tablets compare, see our article: Samsung Tab S3 vs iPad 2017