15 ridiculous travel Gadgets (that’ll make you look like a tool)

There are some cool gadgets out there, built upon a history of great gadgets – that’s no shock. But what was shocking, is the amount of ridiculous and obnoxious travel gadgets we found while doing a lot of travelling recently; does anyone buy these? Do people use these?

We felt it wholly necessary to put together a list of the ridiculous travel gadgets, to help educate the masses on how not to be a travel knob.

15 ridiculous travel gadgets:

1. MiCRO Luggage Scooter

As a race, we’ve now become so impatient that we can’t possibly walk around the airport. No, we must hurry to shave two minutes off our arrival time (when it doesn’t matter what time you get there, the plane isn’t going to leave early).

While you’re at it, why don’t you just use your MiCRO Luggage Scooter to scoot to the front of the queue too? After all, you’ll be a superior human with this.

2. The Knee Defender

most ridiculous travel gadgets - the knee defender2[Image]

Okay, so not only is this travel gadget ridiculous but makes you an utter nob for using it. The Knee Defender, rather imaginatively named, defends one’s knees by preventing the chair in front from reclining.

The gadget even comes with a “courtesy card” that can be given to the passenger in front to inform them you’re using the clips and explains (in inches) how far you’re willing to let them recline. Likewise, it asks the recipient to notify the ‘Knee Defender owner’ if they plan to move their seat back. Wowzer.

It started many arguments, so airlines have now banned the device, understandably so.

3. B-Tourist Band

most ridiculous travel gadgets - b-tourist band2

The next obnoxious gadget on our list is the B-Tourist band, created by two graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel.

The elastic fabric stretches between two plane seat headrests (fitting numerous styles of seats) to allow the passenger privacy. The gadget comes with two plastic rings to adjust the width of the band, and thus the level of privacy. A connecting device at the bottom creates a space to hang your head, while a small pocket houses small items like a phone or passport.

We bet the passenger in front will love having this device pulling on their chair constantly, along with the person caged in next to you when they need the toilet.

4. My Hitch

This gadget was developed because a pilot while pulling his luggage, was abhorred by the fact he couldn’t simultaneously drink a coffee and stare down at this phone. To him, his possessions were quite literally, baggage.

Ideally, we’d all have slaves to carry our belongings for us so that we can ignore society on our digital devices. Fortunately, Robert Lian has given us the solution we all need: My Hitch. My Hitch allows you to attach your suitcase to your trousers.

This nifty gadget offers you: the fear of it being out of sight, easily snatched and the case bashing the back of your feet – and if that wasn’t good enough it even gives you the fear of it pulling your pants down. Great idea Robert!

5. The Ostrich Pillow

most ridiculous travel gadgets - the ostrich pillow2

The Ostrich Pillow is one of the cheaper travel gadgets on the list, setting you back only €80.

Thanks to its bloody bizarre look the ostrich pillow quickly became an internet sensation. We get the name and the idea behind it, how the pillow replicates the total head absorption of sticking one’s head in the sand. But we think this gadget is better suited to an extra-terrestrial film set.

So, if you’re hoping to look like a sleepy alien on your next trip, check out the Ostrich Pillow.

6. The NightWave

The worst thing about travelling is by far the hard, lumpy bed (obviously my job isn’t expensing the same hotels as you), which refuses me a restful night’s sleep.

The NightWave is for the completely over-the-top, those who are too good for counting sheep.

The product has the best promotion video. My favourite section is 00:19-00:21 when the crowd goes wild (as if she won the lottery or something) because Morgan said she fell asleep – it’s just great.

7. Digital Pill

most ridiculous travel gadgets - digital pill2[Image]

Still, in the research phase, this digital pill won’t be with us (or named) for some time. However, when making a list of ridiculous (and unnecessary) travel gadgets even the possibility of this had to make the list.

According to The Telegraph, British Airways are developing a “digital pill” for customers to eat. The “ingestible sensor” will monitor their stomach acidity levels and change their in-flight dining options to best suit.

The pill will have a myriad of sensors, from temperature, sleep phase and heart rate. It’ll allow the airline to tailor their experience by shifting their meal times and in-flight entertainment.

Missing the flight meal doesn’t sound so disastrous anyway.

8. Travelmate: Robotics

It’s widely accepted that technology is mostly developed to solve a problem or ease an issue. Thankfully Travelmate has created a range of fully autonomous suitcases to help solve the issue of having to pull luggage. That thing that keeps us all up at night.

The best part? There’s a pink one for women and a blue one for men – phew – there was us worrying we’d have to buy robotic baggage in gender-neutral colours. That’s truly a weight off our minds.

9. Nod Zdoze


The Nod, developed by Zdoze, is designed to carry your head (and stop that annoying dip, dip, dip when trying to snooze while sitting up). It’s basically a head cradle and looks a lot like a head brace.

My favourite part of the promo video is the brooding pan over at the end (01:36 onwards), it correlates to the product that they’re selling, Right?

10. Aquarius Hygiene Portable Bidet

Imagine being such a pauper that when you go on holiday, there isn’t a bidet. You’re not a Neanderthal, and you deserve a clean behind all the time. With a rechargeable battery power, 1.5L capacity and only 1.5kg in weight The Aquarius Hygiene Portable Bidet is ideal for travel.

11. Little Cloud Nine

Because normal travel pillows just aren’t good enough these days, the Little Cloud Nine Pillow was created. This terrifying contraption looks like something from Scary Movie.
The Little Could Nine is apparently born from a hideously uncomfortable coach trip across America. Although the gadget is huge size when it inflates, it is apparently small enough to be tucked away when deflated.

So, if you’re looking to scare fellow passengers whilst you get some shut-eye – grab yourself a Little Cloud Nine Pillow.


Out of all the travel gadgets featured, this one was obviously conceptualised in a pub. Everyone jokes about wearing all their clothes on the plane to avoid carrying a bag, but this guy went out and made it a possibility.

Not only is the promo video horrendously boring and bad quality, but from 01:41 onwards it follows the creator to the airport where he proceeds to be an absolute arsehole to an air hostess doing her job. Great one Jaktogo.

13. Sherpa: The Ultimate on Wheels

most ridiculous travel gadgets - sherpa on wheels


Since we’ve successfully catered for lazy humans, now, we’re catering for lazy pets too. Travelling with pets can be cumbersome – but isn’t that, after all, your decision? I mean, there’s a great cattery up the road called Pussy’s Palace that I can recommend.

Anyway, if your furry friend is feeling tired, Sherpa’s the Ultimate on Wheels now allows you to pull your pets. It boasts recessed wheels for easy-glide and a detachable padded pull strap.

14. Modobag

Oh gosh, this is the worst thing we’ve ever seen, it’s “the carry-on that carries you”. Why walk when you can ride your suitcase? I know, it’s a real tough decision.

The Modobag is marketed as “the world’s first rideable luggage” – yeah – it’s the first for a reason because it’s bloody stupid.

15. My Plane Space

Out of all the ridiculous travel gadgets that we found, this one has to be the worst. Okay, so the premise? It’s a device to pop onto your armrest to stop the person next to you using the shared armrest. In the words of My Plane Space, it was designed to “keep the seat you paid for”. Erm, didn’t the passenger next to you also pay for their seat and their share of the armrest??

To make this worse, just watch the video.

Planning a trip soon? We hope you don’t invest in any of these travel gadgets. While you’re here, make sure to follow Gadget Comparer on Twitter for daily updates on the world of tech!