PowerRay: The New Underwater Fishing Drone

How the PowerRay drone helps you catch fish

Fishing can often be a hobby of chance. Sometimes you will think you have it perfectly set up with the right bait and the right gear, but fail to land anything because you’re not actually in the correct spot. We like to think we know the right spots. But we can’t always rely on experience so the underwater robot from PowerVision, the PowerRay, is great at helping you to find and lure your next catch. PowerVision created the fantastic PowerEgg drone last year and had come up trumps once again.

The PowerRay is a brand new robot from the team at PowerVision. It is an underwater drone which finds fish for you to catch. Not only that, but it also films them in 4K.

PowerRay fishing Drone

With the ability to dive down to 30 metres underwater (which is equivalent to 98 feet), it can then use its optional sonar component. The ‘Fishfinder’ to locate fish up to 40 metres below it, enabling you to prepare for the perfect catch.

The WiFi system beams both video footage and images from the integrated 4K camera. It also sends additional data to the dedicated Android or iOS app, detailing information about the underwater landscape and the temperature all the way up to the surface.

Also included on this fantastic device is an internal fish luring light. Which claims to attract fish with an extremely welcoming shade of blue. Plus there is also the option of using a remote-controlled bait drop to place bait in the location you require. To make catching those fish that little bit easier.

The PowerRay drone and virtual reality

PowerVision, the company behind the underwater drone, has also seemed to take advantage of the popularity of virtual reality. Including an option for the PowerRay to be controlled by its VR goggles or another wearable VR device. The device’s VR goggles allow users of the drone to control it by simple movements of the head. With it recognising both gravity and gestures.

How much will the drone cost?

Having been available on pre-order since February 27th. You will certainly be the envy of all of your fishermen or women friends with the PowerRay from PowerVision. A price has not yet been announced but is expected to be in line with the price range of the other robots that the company have created. Seeing popular already with those keen on fishing, it certainly seems like an interesting way of ensuring a successful fishing trip – which is what we all want.

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