Five office gadgets to relieve stress and improve productivity

It’s not always easy to cope with stress in the workplace. As our workloads mount and stress-levels rise, we’re left staring at the computer screen with little to help us stay calm under pressure. Office gadgets are here to solve the problem, and they’ve come on a long way from the simple stress ball.

There are now various gadgets to take our mind off everyday stress. From tactile gadgets to play with while we think things through to food gadgets that make tea breaks more fun, here are some of our favourites.

What are office gadgets?

Office gadgets are designed to make your working day easier and more fun. Many of us spend about 35 percent of our waking life in the office, so it’s important to have a comfortable working environment. Office gadgets help to achieve this.

Office gadgets for relieving stress

Fidget spinner stress relief toy

Also known as ‘hand spinners’, fidget spinners are one of this year’s best-selling office gadgets. The gadget was originally meant for people with attention deficit disorders but has become a craze in offices across the UK.

The fidget spinner works by holding the centre point with your thumb and index finger while using your other hand to spin the outside lobes. It’s surprisingly joyful to hold the fast-spinning device. On a particularly stressful day, you might find yourself recklessly balancing the spinner on each finger. Pull it off, and you’ll feel a wonderful sense of achievement – suddenly what’s important in life is back in perspective.

Be warned: this office gadget is highly addictive.

Buy from John Lewis | £5.99

Office Gadget: Fidget spinner

Fidget spinner

T2 Teamaker

There are numerous gadgets for making coffee, most of which are fiddly. So, we’ve stuck to the more relaxing process of making tea.

The T2 Teamaker is the innovation of an Australian company, T2, who have dedicated themselves to modernising how we drink tea. The gadget soaks your tea leaves and fills your cup with no need for pouring – great for an impromptu office brew. It also has an easy-to-wash filter so that you won’t choke on any dregs. All you need to do is sit back and de-stress with your cupper.

This office gadget is unapologetically manly. In the box, you’ll find a large transparent mug – the modern tea-maker scorns chinaware. You won’t be offering your co-workers a brew either, as this is a one-mug-only set.

But the efficiency of the device is impressive, and the pleasant gurgling that emits as your tea brews is brilliantly relaxing.

Office gadget 1: Teamaker

T2 Teamaker

Clock fan

Do you often finish a day feeling hot and bothered? You’re not alone; offices can be stuffy places with all those bodies packed into one space. So, if your several desks away from the nearest window, you’re going to suffer.

Clock fans keep the air circulating around you. The steady breeze on your face will help keep you focused as the temperature in the rest of the office swells. Meanwhile, having the time plastered next to your screen 24/7 means no excuses for showing up to your next meeting late.

Office gadget: Clock fan

Clock fan

Buy from Menkind | £12.99

Twiddle cubes

It’s normal to fidget non-stop when stressed. We can’t find an internal outlet for the tension, so the pressure shows in our physical behaviour. But the thing is, no one likes a twitchy stress-head, and you risk making your teammates anxious on your behalf.

A twiddle cube office gadget keeps your hands moving in a barely noticeable way. Each side of the cube has a collection of buttons and levers to twiddle as you concentrate on what’s in front of you. As the texture varies on each side, you’ll likely find yourself rotating the cube in your hands. The slow rotation has a calming effect on your mind, keeping your thoughts from racing away.

Do yourself a favour and part with £7.99 for the twiddle cube. Because even if too polite to say, your colleagues don’t appreciate the pen-clicking, finger-tapping ball of pressure sitting amongst them.

Office Gadget: Stress Cube

Twiddle Cube

QuietOn Earbuds

Want to escape the hubbub of the office and focus on a task? Open plan offices aren’t for everyone, and some people are more productive without distractions.

QuietOn earplugs are one of the best office gadgets for cancelling out the noise. The 40-decibel earplugs mould to the shape of your ear. The result: a level of air tightness foam earplugs doesn’t reach. The small white plugs are inconspicuous, so don’t worry about others judging your new piece of office kit. (And if they do, so what? You’ll be in your happy, silent place putting them to shame with newfound productivity.)

Office gadget: Earbuds

The importance of office gadgets for relieving stress

When you’re at work, a lot is outside of your control. The office temperature, noise levels and volume of work can raise your stress levels. Sometimes, breathing exercises aren’t enough to take you back to your place of zen.

The office gadgets listed here relieve stress and improve your productivity by making you comfortable at work. Of course, they’re also pretty fun and, if nothing else, will keep you and your teammates entertained.


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