Myrolltop: The Future of Laptops or Vapourware?

Apparently, we have been doing it all wrong with the laptop. Big, bulky fold-up machines will soon be a thing of the past if we are to believe the people from Myrolltop. Yes, they claim to have invented a completely foldable, rollable laptop with a flat screen that you can just roll up and put over your shoulder when you have finished using it! Much like a yoga mat.

Rolltop mat

Who do we have to thank for Myrolltop?

Over in Germany, somebody called Evgeny Orkin made the concept. It relies on OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display technology and sports an entirely flexible 17-inch multi-touch screen. The technology used in the display reacts like lightning (as in fast) and has exceptional colour depth and clarity. It is proposed to be an entirely new viewing experience from the traditional laptop with the added bonus of the fact that it folds up.

How is the gadget built?

The flat touch keyboard is part of the whole object and is connected to the screen – all in all, making the whole package very aesthetically pleasing.

When in use it looks very much like a standard laptop, but it is far from that.

The machine’s base also boasts a removable USB power stand which includes with it a built-in loudspeaker, USB ports and a webcam. It also houses the power cable which can be stored away tidily.

A graphics pen, which you can use on the flat screen, is stored on the computer – all in all, it’s an elegant little package – it looks perfect!

Here at Gadget Comparer, we thought it looked a little like a handbag, so ultimately this may not be a hit for all those image-conscious males out there. You can make your mind up when it launches.

Will Myrolltop ever launch?

Here’s the thing though. This laptop may never launch. Why? Well, the original Youtube video for this product was in September 2009:

At this time you can see it has had over 6 million views. It was nearly eight years ago! You would have thought if they were going to get it together with a backer that this may have happened by now?

There are some other rather troubling issues. For example, where is their crowdfunding page?

Why do they only have a payday donate button on their website? Where are their actual contact details? There are none on the website apart from email addresses. Why don’t they answer emails about launch dates and development? We did send one but heard nothing back after four days. You’d think an enthusiastic response about the latest developments might be in order, but instead just silence.

It could be an elaborate way to make money from the Internet.

We do wonder how much their donate button has raised, given the number of views on Youtube and the promise of being one of the first ever buyers. The lack of involvement with any public comment threads tells its own story.

There is a saying that is if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

MyRolltop did actually release an updated video in 2013:

But there has been no further news of it since then, and the “2.0” design is extremely similar to the old design, save a few buttons.

Samsung has supposedly launched a similar foldable concept laptop, again with a pretty video on Youtube:

You have to ask if these clever designers are just playing tricks and showing us what we want to see!