Get the best Mac Laptop Deals with Gadget Comparer!

Apple MacBook Pro | 13-inch | £1,242.00 £1,449.00
Get the best Mac Laptop Deals with Gadget Comparer!

Retina display, Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Get the best Mac Laptop Deals with Gadget Comparer!

The price of Apple Mac laptops puts some people off buying one. But, cheap Apple laptops do exist and using a Mac laptop deal is a sensible way to get your hands on one.

To save you hopping from site to site on a mission to find the best Apple laptop deal, Gadget Comparer posts offers from UK retailers as they’re announced. Here you can compare Apple offers in one place and see which strike you as true bargains.

Mac Laptop Deals:

Apple MacBook Pro MPXQ2B/A (2017) | 13.3-inch | Amazon

13.3-inch; 2.3GHZ; 8GB RAM; 128GB SSD; Intel Core i5 2.3GHz dual-core processor with 64MB of eDRAM; retina display; LED-backlit; IPS (2560x1600 resolutions)


Apple MacBook Pro (2017) | 13-inch | John Lewis

Intel Core i5; 8GB RAM; 128GB SSD; Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640; Space Grey


Apple MacBook Air | 13.3-inch | John Lewis

Intel Core i5; 8GB RAM; 128GB PCIe-based SSD


MacBook Pro | 13-inch | Amazon

Retina display; Intel Core i5; 2.3 GHz; 8 GB RAM; 256GB SSD


How to compare Mac laptop deals

You’ll find the cheapest laptop deals on second-hand or refurbished Macs. Refurbished or second-hand doesn’t mean poor condition; trusted Apple resellers will wipe and test machines before selling them on. As a result, these laptop deals offer a way to buy Apple’s bestsellers on a budget.

Although used and refurbished Mac laptops are cheaper, you should consider the following when buying one:

  • The legitimacy of the seller: Whenever buying a second-hand or refurbished laptop, verify the person selling you the machine is legit. For example, if buying from eBay see if anyone has left reviews that rate the seller.
  • Warranty & returns policy: If you buy a refurbished Mac from Apple, the same warranty and returns policy will apply to you as applies to anyone buying a new machine. But, if you’re looking elsewhere, double-check the terms and conditions.
  • Technical specifications: If you’re desperate to take advantage of Apple’s latest features, check the age of any Mac laptop you’re buying. As you’d expect, the older the MacBook the slower and less powerful it’ll be.

If buying a second-hand Mac laptop doesn’t appeal to you, not to worry; there are plenty of deals on new MacBooks. When comparing offers on new Macs, you’ll want to see if the retailer throws in any exciting extras. As well as making a deal more inviting, add-ons help you decide which vendor to buy from when their prices are similar.

Here are a few examples of add-ons you might see bundled into Mac laptop deals:

  • Anti-virus software: The MacOS might be more secure than Windows, but these machines are by no means immune from cyber-attacks. Free anti-virus software adds a layer of security to your Mac, alerting you if your device is infected.
  • Free games: It’s unusual to find a Mac laptop deal that includes free games, but they crop up from time to time. If you’re prepared to hold out for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales furore, you’ll find free games bundles more common.
  • Mac accessories: From mouse pads to keyboards, retailers will sometimes include additional accessories with their Apple laptop deals.

Apple Mac laptops: the latest releases

As you browse through Mac laptop deals, keep the MacBook model to which the deal relates in mind. In general, the newer the model the more technically advanced the machine.

Here are Apple’s newest Mac laptops:

MacBook Pro 15-inch (2017)MacBook Pro 2017

  • Quad-core processor completes tasks fast
  • i7 core ideal for running multimedia apps and games
  • Outstanding graphics

Professionals who need a super-fast machine that easily renders large media should choose the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Of the Mac laptops on sale, this model has the best technical specs and is noticeably more powerful than the 13-inch version.

See how the 15-inch MacBook Pro holds its own again an iMac in our comparison, Apple MacBook Pro (2017) vs iMac (2017).

MacBook Pro 13-inch (2017)

  • Small and light to carry
  • Long-lasting battery (10 hours off charge)
  • Available on several Mac laptop deals

The 13-inch MacBook Pro might not pack as much power as the 15-inch model, but there’s oodles of cool features to rave about. The display is bright and shows colours with clarity, plus the speakers are some of the best of any notebook.

MacBook Air 13-inch (2017)MacBook Air

  • Speedier than the 2015 MacBook Air
  • Solid all-around performance
  • Comfortable keyboard with just the right amount of traction

The aluminium design of the MacBook Air is starting to look dated, but beneath the hood, this MacBook continues to deliver. Even when streaming videos while apps run in the background, you won’t notice its performance deteriorate.

MacBook 12-inch (2017)

  • Super slim; super portable
  • Available in four colours: grey, gold, rose gold and silver
  • Stays cool despite a fanless design

The MacBook is the lightest of Apple’s laptops but there’s little compromise when it comes to power. It’d be a more versatile device if it had more ports (you only have x1 USB-C and no Thunderbolt 3), but for regular travellers, the MacBook is a good choice.

Are these models lacking the processing va-va-voom you desire? Then you might want to check out Apple’s most powerful workstation, the iMac Pro.

Apple Mac laptop FAQs

Which Mac laptop is cheapest?

The cheapest Apple laptop is the 128GB MacBook Air, which you can buy new from £949. If you’re happy to buy a refurbished machine, you can pick up a refurbished MacBook Air for about £400 cheaper.

Rumour has it that Apple will stop producing the MacBook Air in 2018, which faces tough competition from other ‘ultraportables’ on the market. In light of this, we’ll likely see retailers promote Mac laptop deals on the Air throughout 2018, ready to make way for its replacement.

Which Mac laptop has the most memory and storage?

The 2017 MacBook Pros offer the most onboard memory and storage, regardless of which size you choose. The 13-inch Pro has 8GB of memory by default, but there’s the option to increase this to 16GB. Meanwhile, the 15-inch model offers only the one option: 16GB. You can buy both MacBooks with up to 1TB of storage, although they come with 128GB (13-inch) and 256GB (15-inch) as standard.

Can you use your student discount on a Mac laptop deal?

Whether or not you can use your student discount is up to the retailer. Many UK retailers don’t offer a student discount all year round, but do a students-only deal at the start of an academic year.

Which Apple Mac laptop is the best to buy?

The best Apple Mac to buy will depend on your requirements. Do you need an ultra-powerful laptop that’s capable of loading a spreadsheet, playing a video and rendering 3D graphics all at once? Or, are you happy with a well-built machine that you primarily use for browsing the web and creating smaller files?

The bottom line is all Mac laptops released within the last three years are fast at running a range of applications. But, if you want a machine that copes with several memory-hungry apps working together, you need to go for one of the pricier MacBook Pros.

Aside from raw power, you’ll want to consider practicalities like weight, display size and how many ports there are. Most people choose a Mac laptop deal over an iMac offer because they need a portable system. But, depending on how you use your laptop, you might have to sacrifice portability to gain more ports and a bigger screen.