5 light gadgets that look cool and solve a problem

Light gadgets are versatile devices that have a range of uses. Some are intended for safety purposes and work to keep you and/or your possessions secure. Meanwhile, others have the more straightforward objective of helping you see in a dark place.

In fact, one of the best things about light gadgets is their ability to balance aesthetics with a practical reason for being. In doing so, they both look good and make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Here are five types of light gadget that serve a purpose without looking ugly and out-of-place.

Bike light gadgets keep you safe.

A good bike light gadget will use the kinetic energy you generate as you cycle the bike rather than a battery. It’s eco-friendlier and saves regular cyclists from wasting their time and money replacing batteries.

The Reelight CIO Battery-free Bike Light is one such self-powered gadget. It comes in two parts: one that clips onto your bike’s frame and another that clips onto the spokes of your wheel. Each part is magnetic. As you cycle, the magnets connect, and the lights switch on – simple, yet smart.

The creators of the Reelight CIO light gadget have also thought about your safety. After you come to a standstill, the bike light will continue to flash for several minutes, keeping you visible. What’s more, the gadget is completely waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about it playing up in wet weather.

Bike Light Gadget

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Travel lights to find your way.

Travel gadgets need to be as self-sufficient as possible. It is especially important if you’re camping or staying somewhere remote where plugs are hard to come by.

Solar powered travel lights are becoming increasingly popular. Developments in solar-powered technology mean those gadgets that draw their energy from the sun often charge within seven hours. If used efficiently, these gadgets should then give you 20 hours or more of use.

LuminAID is one of the leading manufacturers of travel light gadgets. The company’s ‘PackLites’ are either solar-powered, charged with a USB cable, or both. The PackLites use LED light, which is more than powerful enough to brighten a camp after the fire has died out. The lantern-style design also looks cool and is made from a water-resistant TPU plastic.

Travel light gadget

Nightlight gadgets to jazz up your bedroom.

Coming indoors, you might want to prioritise style over practicalities. Your bedroom should be a fun, comfortable space that reflects your character. So, take a look at customisable light gadgets you can easily tweak to convey the kind of person you are.

A Light Box is a retro-themed billboard gadget that comes with letters and emojis that stick to its surface. Choose from 100 letters, numbers and emojis to create a message that befits your current mood. Once happy, leave the Light Box freestanding or mount it on your wall.

Night Light

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Security lights to deter thieves.

Security lights turn on whenever they sense movement. Typically, you place them near your doorway to deter burglars. Although, they also come in handy when fumbling around for your keys.

If you’re looking to buy an outdoor security light, pay attention to its range and whether it works with LED bulbs. As you probably know, LEDs are more energy efficient and will provide you with a longer-lasting gadget.

Some manufacturers have also created security light gadgets for indoors. For example, gadgets shaped like televisions which give off the colour flashes and glow of a regular gogglebox. It gives the impression you’re sat indoors with your feet up when you’re miles away enjoying peace of mind.

TV Security Light

Light gadgets to track down pets

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be familiar with the scenario of turning around on a dark winter morning and wondering where your canine has run off to. If you’re in a rural area or a gated park, this isn’t a massive deal. But if you’re a city dweller living close to busy roads, losing your dog in the dark can be stressful.

LED dog collars fit around your dog’s neck to make it visible at night. Nitedawg is one of the better-known brands producing these and makes a battery-powered collar in a range of colours.

Light Gadget for Dog

Choosing the best light gadget

Whenever looking at light gadgets, check the product specifications. Is it suitable for outdoors? How strong is the light and how long will it last? Asking these questions will prevent you from opting for a device that turns out to be disappointing.

These five types of gadget are all about simplifying your life in a cost-effective, ecological way. In most cases, they’ll help keep you (or your pet) safe and be fun to use at the same time.