The best laptop deals for UK shoppers

Apple 13" MacBook Pro | £1,269.99 £1,449.00
The best laptop deals for UK shoppers

The holy grail of domestic Apple laptops, the 13” MacBook Pro is an investment that will last years. Ideal for work, play and everything in-between. Retina Display; Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz; 8 GB RAM; 256GB SSD.

The best laptop deals for UK shoppers

Buying a new laptop is a big investment, so it helps to find a laptop deal that gets you money off. In the UK, there are tonnes of cheap laptops available – you just need to know where to look.

At Gadget Comparer, we always have an eye out for the best laptop deals. When we spot one, we whack it up on this page sharpish. This way, you’ll never miss out on a sale before it’s all over.

Apple MacBook Pro MPXQ2B/A (2017) | 13.3inch | Amazon

13.3-inch, i5; 2.3GHZ; 8GB RAM; 128GB SSD; Intel Core i5 2.3GHz dual-core processor with 64MB of eDRAM; retina display; LED-backlit; IPS; (2560x1600 resolutions)

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2017) | John Lewis

Intel Core i5; 8GB RAM; 128GB SSD; Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640; Space Grey

Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch | John Lewis

Intel Core i5; 8GB RAM; 128GB PCIe-based SSD

MacBook Pro 13-inch | Amazon

Retina display; Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz; 8 GB RAM; 256GB SSD

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Dell Latitude E6420 | Black | Amazon

14inch Laptop Intel Core i7-2640M / 2.8 GHz (3.5 GHz Turbo) Processor; 8GB RAM; 320GB HDD; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 | Silver | Currys

Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 1 TB HDD; Full HD display

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (Gaming) | Black | Currys

Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 256 GB SSD; Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050M 4 GB

Dell Inspiron | Black | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i3-7130U Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 1 TB HDD; Full HD Display

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (Gaming) | Black | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 1 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD; Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050M 4 GB

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 | Silver | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i3-7100U Processor; RAM 4 GB; Storage 256 GB SSD; Up to 10 hours battery life

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HP Pavilion | Silver | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor; RAM 4 GB; Storage 128 GB SSD; Full HD Display

£468.98 £699.99
HP Pavilion Notebook | Silver | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 256 GB SSD; Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

HP Probook MT41 | Silver | Currys

14inch HD Screen; A4 4300m CPU; 4GB RAM; 250GB HDD; Webcam; Wireless; Windows 10; Certified Refurbished

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Lenovo IdeaPad 320S | Grey |Currys

14IKB; 14 inches; 4GB RAM; 128 GB SSD; Windows 10

£329.99 £599.99
Lenovo Yoga Book | Black | John Lewis

Convertible laptop; Intel Atom; 4GB RAM; 64GB SSD; Windows OS; 10 inches; HD touchscreen; black

Lenovo Yoga 520 | Grey | Currys

14-inches; 2-in-1; Grey; Windows 10; Intel® Pentium® Gold 4415U Processor; 4GB RAM; 128 GB SSD; HD display

£379.99 £579.99
Lenovo Miix 510 Tablet | Silver | John Lewis

Detachable Keyboard and Active Pen; Intel Core i7; 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD; 12.2 inches; touch screen; Wi-Fi; silver

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Where to find the best laptop deals    

UK shoppers are increasingly looking to the web to find the best deals. Online, it’s easier to research the various laptops on offer and evaluate which is better value for money. You also avoid a hard-sale, where retail staff capitalise on your lack of technical knowledge to convince you to spend more.

The world of consumer electronics is fiercely competitive, increasing the pressure on UK retailers to sell laptops cheap. As a result, there’s every opportunity to find a high-quality laptop at an affordable price.

To give your hunt for a cheap laptop deal some direction, here are five retailers who consistently offer laptops at a discount.


Laptop Deals HP

If you’re happy to buy a second-hand laptop, you’ll want to head over to eBay’s laptop auctions. Buying a used or refurbished laptop is a sensible way to get your hands on a powerful machine without clearing your bank account.

John Lewis   

John Lewis doesn’t run regular laptop sales but hit the store at the right time and you’ll find huge discounts on the latest models. The retailer’s laptops usually come with a two-year warranty, so keep the receipt in case you have any issues further down the line.


From gaming laptops with stunning displays to everyday laptops built to last, Argos has a wide selection of machines. Watch out for their clearance sales, where Argos knocks £100+ off laptops released 1 – 2 years ago.

Currys PC World   

There’s always a laptop deal to be found at Currys, the only question is whether it’s on a machine that fits your requirements. As a bonus, Currys are offering a trade-in deal, where you get £50 off the cost of your new laptop for trading in your old model.

Tesco Direct    

Tesco has a range of laptops on offer for £200 – £300. These mid-range deals are great for students who want a laptop that runs smoothly and doesn’t slow down over time.

Laptop deals by brand   

Laptop Deals Mac

Unless you’re a self-proclaimed technophile, you’ll find it hard to distinguish one laptop manufacturer from another. However, each brand has its own signature style and targets a certain type of laptop user.

Depending on how you use your laptop, you’ll want to narrow your search to the brands that target you. For example, creative professionals will look at brands whose laptops have large displays with a wide colour gamut.

To help you decide which brand’s laptops are right for you, here’s an introduction to the 10 biggest laptop producers in the UK.


  • Innovative designs
  • Premium specs at affordable prices
  • Powerful gaming notebooks
  • Poor technical support
  • Short warranties

Asus laptops are powerful, fast and value for money. This brand is a favourite amongst gamers, with the Asus ROG Zephyrus one of the UK’s top-rated gaming laptops.


  • Decent battery lives
  • Helpful customer support
  • Upgrading RAM doesn’t void warranty
  • Not powerful enough for gamers
  • Quiet speakers

Lenovos are ideal if you’re using your laptop for work and play. Most have robust designs and long-lasting batteries, which is great for businesspeople who are always on-the-go.


  • Large and bright laptop displays
  • Slim, lightweight designs
  • High build quality
  • Some products are unimpressive
  • Poor technical support

Dell laptops have stunning displays, so even if you’re using your laptop all day your eyes won’t tire. Some of the UK’s best laptop deals are available on Dell’s Alienware gaming laptops, which are popular for their configurability.


  • Diverse range of laptopsHP Probook MT41 (1)
  • Good-looking, durable designs
  • Attentive customer support
  • Disappointing batteries
  • Laptops lack power

HP’s machines are for people who want a user-friendly, day-to-day laptop that’s reasonably stylish. Gamers or frequent travellers will want to give HP a miss, as these laptops aren’t powerful and don’t last long off charge.


  • Friendly customer support
  • Powerful & fast
  • Gorgeous displays
  • Not cheap
  • No touchscreen options
  • Outdated designs

It’s hard to find anyone who’s regretted buying an Apple Mac laptop, despite their hard-to-swallow price tags. Buying an Apple laptop is an investment; you pay the big bucks at first but get a powerful machine that’s unlikely to falter.


  • Excellent ‘detachables’ that double-up as tablets
  • Strong graphics
  • Not all that innovative
  • Not much to choose from

Microsoft Surface Books have premium designs and high-end specs. What’s more, there are several good laptop deals around that make buying these costly devices more manageable.

If you’re also looking at all-in-one PCs, check out Microsoft’s Surface Studio, which is one of our favourite releases of last year.


  • Extensive selection of laptops
  • Responsive customer support
  • Good value for money
  • Dim, unexciting displays
  • Old-fashioned designs

Acer sells a variety of laptops, from gaming power-houses like the Acer Predator 21X to run-of-the-mill Chromebooks. Their laptops might not look amazing, but you’ll rarely pay over the odds for one of these devices.


Laptop deals Samsung

  • Cool designs
  • Fantastic OLED displays
  • Laptops for all price points
  • Rubbish customer support
  • Unreliable software

Samsung’s phones are better than their laptops. Although their machines look great and come with some of the best laptop deals, Samsung’s software is shaky and plagued by bloatware.


  • A top choice for gamers
  • Portable & durable designs
  • Outstanding performance
  • Too pricey for most

Razer laptops fit a lot of power into slim, compact designs. These premium laptops are suited to gamers relying on super-fast clock speeds.

Deals on touchscreen laptops 

Sales of touchscreen laptops like the Asus Zenbook Flips are on the rise in the UK. For many, the idea of a touch-responsive device that’s as powerful as a laptop is an inviting one.

Usually, the display detaches from the keyboard to take the form of a tablet. This gives you more freedom: use the keyboard when typing up documents and switch to the tablet for browsing the web.

Although you can get cheap deals on touchscreens, note that the battery life on these devices tends to be worse than a standard laptop. Moreover, interacting with a laptop through touch can be awkward because you must stretch to reach all parts of the screen.

The best laptop deals for UK students    

HP Pavilion Notebook (1)

Just because you’re a skint student, doesn’t mean you can’t afford a laptop. There are hundreds of UK laptop deals aimed at students, and using these offers will get you a fast machine without draining your student loan.

The following retailers have the best laptop deals for students in the UK:

HP: HP currently offers UK students 30% off plus free delivery. All you need is a higher education email address.

Apple: Apple gives students 10% off in its online store. In the past, the company’s offered student deals on refurbished machines too.

Amazon: Amazon has been offering students a 50% discount if they sign-up to Amazon prime. If you don’t want pay for Prime, remember to unsubscribe before your free trial is up.

Microsoft: Even if you buy your laptop elsewhere, you’ll likely get money off the Microsoft Office package if you buy from them directly.

The best laptop deals for gamers    

Dell Alienware 18

As a gamer, forking out for a new laptop will probably be one of the biggest investments you make this year. Ideally, you’ll want an up-to-date graphics card, powerful processor and plenty of RAM, but these specs won’t come cheap.

Because of the cost involved, you might want to find a laptop deal that offers interest-free finance. Buying a laptop on finance lets you pay it off over a period like you would a phone contract. This way, you avoid taking a hit upfront and then struggling to pay the month’s rent!

The best laptop deals will also throw in extras for little or no cost. For example, promotions on gaming laptops will sometimes bundle in free games. Or, you might get a swanky laptop bag for carrying your laptop to your mate’s for a games night.

Getting the best laptop for the cheapest price    

When buying a new laptop there’s a lot to consider. Begin your search by working out which brands produce laptops you’re keen on and narrowing your search to their best-sellers. Once you’ve chosen a model, do a price comparison to know which retailer is selling it cheapest.

Finding a laptop deal that applies to the model you want and that’s valid in the UK can be a challenge. But, even if the offer you’re after isn’t available now, keep checking back. Tech retailers are always updating their deals and when they do, we’ll be sure to list them right away.