iPhone 8 leak shows Apple about to throw down gauntlet to Samsung

Leaked images of an Apple iPhone 8 dummy unit have emerged. Posted to OnLeaks, the images appear to confirm rumours that the phone will have an all-glass design with an edge-to-edge display. The images also suggest the phone will be 5.8 inches tall.

Are these specs ringing any bells? They will for Samsung fans because a bezel-less display of this size is something the Galaxy S8 already has. The S8 also moves away from a metal body to an all-glass AMOLED design.

Onleaks iPhone 8

Apple iPhone dummy posted by OnLeaks

So how will the iPhone 8 top the Samsung S8?

It’s a valid question given that Apple seems to have swiped Samsung’s design for themselves.

The fingerprint scanner

For starters, the iPhone 8 will not have a fingerprint scanner on the back. Lots of Samsung users have complained about having a scanner positioned here – where your finger often confuses it with the camera resulting in a smudged lens. Instead, rumour has it the iPhone 8 will have a scanner under the front screen, where it stays invisible until you need it.

The iPhone 8 camera

Going by leaked information, the iPhone 8 is expected to have a dual rear-facing camera. This set up will allow the phone to reduce blur and take photos with wider angles. Rumour has it that the Galaxy S8 will have a dual camera before its launch, but no such camera transpired.

iOS and Siri

Apple will hope to excel with their newly released iOS 11 operating system and personal assistant, Siri. Apple has already put a lot of work into Siri. Particularly as it wants to ensure that its upcoming HomePod competes with the likes of Google Home’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. As well as a more intuitive Siri, we can expect improvements in Apple’s iOS. iOS 11 will include new features to improve security and the phone’s user-friendliness.

Another feature getting attention on the gadget grapevine is facial recognition technology. Technically, the Samsung Galaxy S8 does have a face-scanner, but there have been questions about how secure it is. For instance, some users have fooled the face-scanner with a selfie of themselves taken on another device. We’d hope Apple does a better job at ensuring their scanner only unlocks for real-life, 3D faces.

Of course, this is all rumour for the time being as we don’t have anything official to go on from Apple. That said, it’s likely Apple is aware of (and perhaps even fuelling) the whispers around their new release. So, we’re confident the features mentioned here aren’t too far-fetched. Either way, we’ll be sure to update the post once we have more sound information that gives further details about the iPhone 8.