iPad Deals on New & Refurbished Models

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB | £318
iPad Deals on New & Refurbished Models

This deal on Apple's latest iPad Mini isn't to be sniffed at. For just over £300, you could be the proud owner of the best ultra-portable around! Specs include: Retina display, A8 chip, M8 motion coprocessor, FaceTime HD Camera, Touch ID

Apple iPads are some of the best tablets on sale in the UK, with a reputation for speed, longevity and terrifically bright displays. But, the latest iPads don’t come cheap. In fact, to buy one of these bad boys new, you’re looking at spending upwards of £400.

iPad deals help take the edge off an iPad purchase. The cheapest iPad offers are available on second-hand and refurbished models. Although, if you’re not prepared to settle for anything other than brand new, UK retailers run occasional offers on iPads that are fresh out the box.

Top deals on new iPads

Apple iPad (2017) 32GB | Amazon

9.7-inches, Wi-fi only, 2048x1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), A9 chip

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB | Amazon

Wi-fi only, 2048x1536 resolution at 326 pixels per inch (ppi), A8 chip

Apple iPad Pro 128GB | eBay

9.7-inches, Brand new, Rose gold, Wi-fi only, A10X chip

Apple iPad (2017) 32GB + £40 off Norton Security | Tesco

9.7-inches, Wi-fi only, All colours, 2048x1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), A9 chip

Apple iPad (2017) 32GB Cellular | Currys

9.7-inches, Cellular, All colours availabe, 2048x1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), A9 chip

Apple iPad 4 16GB | eBay

9.7-inches, 4th generation, Retina display, 24 months' warranty, Free leather case

Apple iPad 2 16GB | Amazon

9.7-inches, 2nd generation, 1-year warranty, tested and certified by Amazon

Apple iPad Air 16GB | Tesco

9.7-inch Retina display, 1-year warranty included, Wi-fi only


Where to find the best iPad deals in the UK

Used & refurbished iPads

If you’re happy to buy a used iPad, eBay has some of the best iPad deals in the UK. At eBay, you’ll find a refurbished iPad section, where you can get cheap deals on good-as-new devices. As sellers wipe, test and restore refurbs to their factory settings, they should perform as well as a new model.

eBay is also handy for finding iPad models that are no longer in production. For example, a 32GB iPad Mini 4 (Apple now limits production to the pricier 128GB version).

Remember: eBay’s returns policy states that if an item is damaged, or doesn’t match its listing description, you can return it. So, if you receive an iPad that’s not in a reasonable condition, you won’t lose out.

iPad deals on setNew iPads

As most UK tech retailers run promotions on Apple products, it’s important to cast your net wide when searching for the best iPad deal. To make things easier, we’ve swept up the cheapest iPad deals in the UK and posted them here.

Aside from unique days in the retail calendar, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, deals on new iPads won’t get you mega discounts. Truth is, Apple knows its tablets are the best and can charge extra knowing its products will still sell out.

As iPad offers don’t tend to have huge discounts attached to them, you might want to consider other aspects of the promotion. For example, does the iPad deal include helpful add-ons, such as free anti-virus software or an extended warranty period? Tesco Direct is currently offering £40 off Norton Security when you buy one of its iPads. What’s more, with Tesco you can collect Club Card points, which is worthwhile on larger gadget purchases.

Because deals on new iPads only crop up from time to time, snap up an offer if it catches your eye. Or, if you could do with holding out until your next pay cheque, verify when the deal expires.

iPad deals with data included

When buying an iPad, you have two options: a wi-fi only iPad or an iPad with wi-fi and cellular. With the latter, you can make calls and use data on-the-move, like you would on your smartphone.

The best option for you depends how you’re planning to use your tablet. If you’ll mainly use your device at home, a wi-fi only iPad should be fine. This is especially true now that most public spaces in the UK, including transport networks, offer a wi-fi service you can use for free.

A second solution is to use the personal hotspot feature on your phone. The hotspot feature lets you tether your smartphone to your tablet, so you can use your phone’s data on your iPad too. Just keep in mind that this can drain your smartphone’s battery and you’ll benefit from carrying a portable charger.

If ‘hotspotting’ and public networks don’t cut it for you, you’ll want to consider the cheapest way to buy a cellular iPad. The most cost-efficient way to go cellular is to buy the data and device separately. This will involve an upfront cost to buy the iPad outright, but if you pair a good iPad offer with a SIM-only data deal, you’ll save in the long-term.

For our best SIM-only data deals, see our Three Mobile deals page. These deals might be targeted at phone users, but they’re available on the mini SIMs for iPads too.

Which iPad models are on sale in the UK?

In the UK, there are three iPad product lines available: the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini and the iPad. The regular “iPad” replaced the iPad Air, which is no longer available to buy directly from Apple.

To help you decide which model is right for you, here’s an introduction to each line:

ipad pro dealsiPad Pro

iPad Pros are available in two sizes: 10.5-inches and 12.9-inches. Inside, iPad Pros manufactured in the same year will have almost identical specs regardless of size.

Apple released the latest iPad Pro in 2017. As you’d expect, the device supports Apple’s latest technology, including FaceTime, TrueTone display and augmented reality. The iPad Pro (2017) also has one of the best cameras of any tablet.

The iPad Pros are Apple’s fastest tablets, with 2017’s release quicker than your average laptop. The Pro is therefore suited to people who want to use their tablet for work, as well as do fun stuff like watch Netflix.


The regular iPads are superb all-rounders. Apple completes every aspect of the devices to a high standard, even though they’re without premium Pro features like an A10 processor.

If you need a big-ish screen but can’t afford a Pro, the 9.7-inch iPad (2017) is an excellent choice. The iPad’s A9 CPU processor manages to run several games at once without slowing. Plus, the 2048 x 1536 res display produces sharp images when viewing media.

For more insights on the 9.7-inch iPad, check out our comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs iPad 2017

iPad deals UKiPad Mini

iPad Minis are a great choice when you need an ultraportable device that’s a touch bigger than your average smartphone. Minis are the smallest and cheapest iPads, but Apple’s managed to cram impressive specs into that petite body.

The latest Mini is the iPad Mini 4, which is available in gold, space grey and silver. Unlike larger models, the iPad Mini 4 is easy to use with one hand. Also, it’s light enough that if you do have to hold it up for long periods, it won’t leave your arms aching.

If you’re torn between buying the Mini 4 or an older Mini, you should know that the Mini 4’s display is a notch above older models. For example, the Mini 4 displays colours more accurately and has an improved anti-reflective coating for using your iPad in sunlight. What’s more, the wealth of UK iPad deals available on the Mini 4 make the price difference between it and older Minis small.

Which iPad is cheapest to buy?

A first-generation iPad Mini is the cheapest iPad available. Although Apple no longer manufactures the Mini 1, you can find refurbished versions on Amazon and eBay. Aside from some aesthetic imperfections like the odd scratch, these refurbished Minis should be in sound condition.

Why iPads are a good choice, even if you’re not an Apple fan

People often cite the Apple ecosystem as a key reason to buy an iPad. The argument being that if you have other Apple products, the iPad will effortlessly fit into your gadget library by syncing with your existing tech.

But, that reasoning feels like a bit of a copout when you’re talking about the leaders in the tablet space. Even if you’re not a big Apple fan, iPads are better value for money than rival tablets from Samsung and Google. The iPads’ aluminium-and-glass designs are durable, their batteries last and the processing power is remarkable considering the size of these devices.

People might be right to question the high prices of Apple’s latest smartphones and Mac laptops. But, when it comes to iPads, there are few who’d say the price of these tablets is out of touch with what you’re getting for your money. Of course, if you find a top iPad deal, paying for one becomes that bit easier to justify.