HP Laptops UK: A Guide to Models, Prices & the Best Deals

HP Probook MT41 | Black | £207.00 (Certified Refurbished)
HP Laptops UK: A Guide to Models, Prices & the Best Deals

Refurbished doesn't to mean hand-me-down. This Probook MT41 has been refurbished by HP themselves meaning a top-quality product for a much cheaper price!14inch; 4GB RAM; 32GB eMMC storage; Microsoft Windows 10.

HP Laptops UK: A Guide to Models, Prices & the Best Deals

Are you looking to buy an HP laptop but don’t know how the different models and prices compare?

As a savvy shopper looking for the cheapest deal, you’ll want to see which HP laptops represent value for money. Also, you’ll want to understand the key features of those laptops, to see if the laptop does everything you need.

This buyers’ guide will give you the information to choose the best HP laptop for you. On top of helpful insights, we’ll highlight the HP laptop deals running on each product line.

HP Laptop Deals:

HP Pavilion | Silver | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor; RAM 4 GB; Storage 128 GB SSD; HD Display

£468.98 £699.99

HP Pavilion Notebook | Silver | Currys

Windows 10; Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor; RAM 8 GB; Storage 256 GB SSD; Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 940MX


HP Probook MT41 | Silver | Currys

14-inch HD Screen; A4 4300m CPU; 4GB RAM; 250GB HDD; Webcam; Wireless; Windows 10; Certified Refurbished


An introduction to HP UK

(HP Laptops UK) Images HP ENVY x2

HP is known for balancing build quality with affordable prices, which is why their laptops have a wide appeal. The company also has a solid reputation for providing quality customer service and honouring warranties, so resolving technical hiccups is straightforward.

HP laptops aren’t the most powerful, nor are their designs especially innovative. However, if you want a cheap laptop for everyday use, HP is worth considering.

Which HP laptop should you buy?

HP is a big IT manufacturer with a vast product set. On the upside, this gives you, the buyer, a lot of choices. But, this comes with a caveat: you need to know how the various laptops compare to buy the best.

Here’s an overview of HP’s bestselling product lines and why you’d buy each one:

HP Chromebook

  • Cheap to buy
  • Fast to boot up and run
  • Chrome OS minimises bloatware

Anyone who loves all things Chrome, as well as a cheap laptop deal, should consider HP’s Chromebooks. For day-to-day use, these laptops do the job without costing much.

The HP Chromebook 14 is one of the best Chromebooks in the UK. For basic tasks like streaming videos and browsing the web, this laptop will work a treat.

(HP Laptops UK) HP_Spectre x360 lifestyleHP Envy

  • More stylish than other HP models
  • Ultra slim & easy to carry
  • Decent graphics card for gaming

HP Envy laptops are perfect if you want a lightweight machine with lots of storage. However, don’t choose an Envy for work – the touchpads aren’t sensitive enough for working at speed.

Of the Envy product line, the best laptop is the HP Envy 13 (2017). The Envy 13 is cheaper than rival laptops from Dell and Apple but still includes premium specs.

HP Omen

  • Smooth graphics for gamers
  • Most support VR gaming
  • Capable of overclocking

HP has built its Omen laptops for gamers who need an efficient processor and up-to-date graphics card. As a brand, HP isn’t associated with gaming laptops, but the Omen laptops are a good choice for gamers with a need for (clock) speed.

(HP Laptops UK) 13 HP Spectre x360 lifestyle

HP ProBook

  • Durable design
  • Good for working on-the-go
  • Plenty of ports

HP’s ProBooks are for business customers who want a laptop built for on-the-move productivity. These laptops also withstand wear and tear, easily surviving drops, knocks and minor spills.

One of the better ProBooks is the ProBook 650 G2, which HP released in 2016. This laptop’s design might be underwhelming, but its long battery life and steady performance make it highly work appropriate.

HP Pavilion

  • Impressive specs for affordable prices
  • Most models in this line have a great battery life
  • Fun designs that come in a range of colours

The HP Pavilion line covers a range of laptops, from detachable touchscreens like the HP Pavilion 10t to your more traditional notebook.

Because of the number of models in this line, it’s hard to make sweeping statements that apply to all its laptops. That said, HP Pavilions are always midrange laptops that combine decent specs with reasonable prices. The current bestseller in this line is the HP Pavilion 15, which is hugely popular with students.

HP Spectre

  • Beautifully designed
  • Fast to charge
  • Wide displays create an immersive viewing experience

The release of the Spectre line transformed HP from a tired-looking, disengaged brand to a first-class laptop provider. Despite the sleek appearance of these laptops, they’re not all for show; you can expect premium specs inside too.

HP Spectres are the best HP laptops, but they come at a price – you’re unlikely to find a new Spectre for under £1000.

HP Stream

  • Incredible value for money
  • Awesome battery life
  • Loud speakers

HP Streams are cheap if you’re on a tight budget. Once you’ve got over their washed-out, lacklustre displays, there’s a lot to like about these laptops. For example, their batteries last forever, and the speakers reach high volumes.

Where should you buy your HP laptop?

Initially, you’ll want to look for the UK retailer with the best deals. If a store is holding a sale, seize the opportunity to get money off your HP.

As HP laptop deals are time-limited, don’t hang around if you see the laptop that you want is discounted. Often, retailers announce deals on laptops to clear the stock, so leaving it until later could result in the model selling out (for good).

UK retailers are always changing their deals, which means the cheapest place to buy an HP changes from one day to the next. Always check deals comparison pages like this one right before you buy. You never know, a new offer might come out of the blue and save you even more money.

(HP Laptops UK) Images__HP_ENVY

As well as where to find HP laptop deals, you’ll need to narrow your search to shops stocking the model you want. As HP’s laptop range is extensive, retailers won’t sell every model. If you want an older model that’s hard to find at the big electronics stores, look to Amazon or eBay for a broader selection.

Why do UK students buy HP laptops?

The most obvious reason is the price. Most students would rather spend their money on food and booze than tech, and HP offers good specs for affordable prices.

On top of fair starting prices, HP and its resellers offer superb student discounts. Right now, students buying from the HP store receive 30% off. Oh, to be a student again!

Which HP laptop sells for the cheapest price?

The HP Stream 14 is the cheapest HP laptop, selling for £249 in most stores. The Stream 14 has a long battery life and works well for basic tasks, like running Microsoft Word or streaming media.

If you’d rather buy a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop, these are cheaper still. The HP x2 10-p009na is available for around the £200 mark. It only has a small display and you don’t get the ports you would from a non-detachable, but it has an attractive design and easily fits in your bag.