Google Glass is to make a comeback with brand new Enterprise Edition

Remember the Google Glass? Those futuristic-looking smart glasses Google discontinued in 2015?

Well, it turns out Google has been developing the technology behind the scenes. Now, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has announced that the Glass is to make a reappearance with the release of an enterprise version.

The new edition will target businesses in the manufacturing sector. For construction workers, the benefits of viewing manufacturing and equipment information while keeping their hands free to continue tasks are huge. What’s more, the wearable could double up as safety glasses.

This video demonstrates how smart eyewear pairs with apps, such as Skylight, to make life easier for people in manufacturing.

Although manufacturing businesses are especially keen on smart glasses, it’s easy to see how other industries could start adopting the gadget. For example, financial traders could use the tech to display up-to-date pricing information as they close deals. Meanwhile, electricians and plumbers could use smart glasses to bring up product guides and relay information back to their company.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition looks like the original model (so not particularly stylish). That said, the glasses have undergone the following internal improvements:

• A more powerful processor
• Eight-megapixel camera
• Better wi-fi connection
• Improved battery life (the battery on the original Google Glass struggled to make it to five hours)

The relaunch of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will put pressure on competitor smart glass manufacturers, including Vuzix and Meta. Both companies have taken off in the augmented reality smart glass market in Google’s absence. Microsoft is also gaining traction with enterprise-level sales of its HoloLens.

The relaunch of Google Glass smart eyewear is exciting. Once again, the tech giant is disrupting the wearable space and pushing the limits of hands-free gadgets (even if this only benefits large businesses for the time being). Perhaps it won’t be long before workplace gadgets reach new levels and we’re all popping hi-tech onto our noses at work.