GameCube listings on Nintendo website: innocent mistake or glimpse of what’s to come?

Last week, four incomplete GameCube listings appeared on the Nintendo website. The listings triggered speculation in the gaming community that Nintendo is to launch a Virtual Console for the Switch.  The Virtual Console would work in the same way it did for the Nintendo Wii, providing an online shop for players to buy retro Nintendo games, such as classic Super Mario editions.

The games that briefly showed up on Nintendo’s website were:

  • Tony Hawk’s Underground 2
  • Doshin the Giant
  • Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The randomness of these games has led many to conclude their appearance was down to human error. Indeed, the date field wasn’t filled in for any of the games, with all listed as ‘to be decided’ (TBD). It suggests a mistake by a Nintendo employee who simply forgot about the pages while entering other information.

However, the idea of a Switch VC isn’t an unrealistic one. When the Switch came out, Nintendo announced that ‘Virtual Console games would not be available on Nintendo Switch at time of launch.” That’s a pretty open statement that any PR manager will tell you purposefully leaves rooms for interpretation. Almost as though Nintendo wants to fuel interest in the retro gaming service.

There’s little doubt a VC for the Switch would be well received. Nintendo’s tight-lipped stance on its revival, as well as the failure to clarify when or if players will be able to transfer old VC purchases, is frustrating.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to play old favourites like Mario Kart on-the-go?!

Either way, don’t expect to see a Switch VC before 2018. Last week’s game listing is most likely a red herring, as you’d expect Nintendo to prioritise some popular classics over The Chronicles of Narnia (sorry CS Lewis fans). For the time being, speculation will continue as Nintendo refuses to define how it’ll handle legacy content moving forwards.

Mario Kart Virtual Console Nintendo

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