15 Fun Gadgets for Men that Make Great Gift Ideas

Looking to have a little fun this year? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve spoken about a bunch of gadgets before, such as desk tech and travel gadgets; but then we thought – what about the good stuff? The fun gadgets? The fun gadgets FOR MEN? Because, after all, these make the best gifts.

So, here you have it, FUN gadgets. Don’t pee yourself with excitement.

15 Fun Gadgets for Men:

  1. Instant Air Hockey | £9.99

Ever wanted to instantly play air hockey on any smooth surface nearby? No, me neither. But now you can, maybe you will. Thanks, PrezzyBox!

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Instant Air Hockey (1)

The kit comes with:

2 x goals
2 x pushers
1 x air hockey puck

The game mimics the “bed of air” like a real air hockey table found at the arcades with a small motor in the puck. This is the perfect filler or stocking gift for any big kids… or actual kids.

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  1. Sony Xperia Touch | £1,399.99

As far as fun gadgets for men go, this is a big boy. The Song Xperia Touch needs no introduction we’re sure (but we will do so anyway).

The portable projector turns any surface into an interactive area, it could easily replace many gadgets in your home (computer, TV, iPad, radio etc.), whilst simultaneously catapulting your home into the 21st century.

Just Take a Look…

  1. Mini Remote-Control Drone (With Camera!) | £44.95

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Mini Drone (1)

Staying on the same thread but slightly cooler is this miniature remote-control drone, excitingly, with a camera.

2017 was truly the year of the drone, as they became household items. As popularity continues to rise, and their uses continue to broaden, we’re expecting to see a consistent trend regarding drone purchases.

If you can’t cough up the cash for a real-life drone then this little guy is still one of the most fun gadgets for men – just at an affordable price!

No Pressure, But it’s This Way

  1. Cozmo | £199.99

What do you buy the man that has everything? Something they absolutely don’t need, that’s what! This charming little robot Cozmo is taking the world by storm thanks to its emotion engine that mimics human qualities. Think less Will Smith in iRobot and more Disney, affectionate WALL-E.

This little guy will get to know you and will shape to your personality, follow you like the pet dog your parents never got, speak, recognise your face and even play games with you. The sophisticated AI technology will be limited initially but slowly, after completing 3 challenges each day (some as simple as letting it roam freely on the coffee table for 10 minutes), it will build a knowledge base to broaden its skills. Smart!

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  1. Make Your Own Neon Sign | £12.98

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Neon Sign (1)

Make Your Own Neon Sign is very fun, very cool and has lasting appeal… it turns into a light. A sign? You know, one you can keep using. Got it? Good. Go buy one.

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  1. iPhone Gramophone | £95.22

The iPhone Gramophone would make the ideal gift for a discerning gent and/or music lover. The decadent style harks back to yesteryear with elegant finesse, ensuring this bit of kit wouldn’t be amiss in the 1920’s.

The sophisticated design is not only eye-catching but the ‘special sound channelling method’ ‘deliver[s] much louder and stronger sound’ making it a wonderful party piece.

Basically, it’s bloody great ol’ chap.

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  1. Laser Tag | £14.74

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Laser Tag (1)

Pow, pow, pow

That’s the noise that’ll inhibit your home forever when you purchase this item. It’s a small price to pay when saving the galaxy from intruders.

This product comes with two handheld guns so you can partner up as a team or against, depending on how surly natured you are. Is this a fun gadget, particularly for those of the population which are of the male variety? Yes. AND it’s a steal at less than 15 quid!

You Know You Want To…

  1. The Dash Pro | £299.00

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Bragi Earphones (1)

The Dash Pro bought to us by Bragi are hailed as the best wireless earphones on the market (thanks, The Guardian).

The price tag may seem a little steep but when considering the leagues of technology that go into these little guys; onboard 4G MP3 player, 5h of playtime per charge and 5 recharges in the travel case, passive noise isolation, onboard activity coach that tracks your exercise, waterproofing, enhanced translator skill with up to 40 languages, hands-free technology (accept calls with a nod of the head), and… the list goes on. Just get them!

Go On, No One Will Know!

  1. Nintendo Switch | £279.00

Regarding fun gadgets for men, the Nintendo Switch is another huge name for 2018. The console has not only revolutionised the gaming industry, in terms of versatility and breadth of uses, but single-handily put Nintendo back on the map of world-leading console creators.

Not only has the switch become the fastest selling console in numerous countries, but it has already sold more units than its predecessor the Wii U, which has been on the market for 5 years. YIKES.

Stop Kidding, You Want It

  1. Build Your Own Robot Arm | £44.99

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Robot Arm (1)

‘Build your own gifts’ have not had their heyday, pipe down, they’re as good and fun today as they’ve ever been. This product is not only pretty cool (who doesn’t want a robotic arm???) but also gives the gift of unrivalled satisfaction knowing you built it yourself.

The result is a five-motor handset with an LED light for night time operating. The robot mimics a human arm with a movable gripper, elbow, wrist and base.


  1. Electric Unicycle | £299.99

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Electric Unicycle (1)

Get to work the cool way, the futurist way… on an electric unicycle. But you’ve got a bike? Pfft, that’s so pre-21st century of you. This gadget can move up to 12mph for 5 miles – now that’s the future.

**Disclaimer** balance and abs of steel necessary for operation.

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  1. SMARTHALO | £129.97

On the topic of bikes (well, sort of), and next up on the list of fun gadgets for men, introducing: SMARTHALO, a navigation and security, smart device that’s aimed to fit any bike.

The SMARTHALO has a buttonless, easy-to-read interface that tracks your mileage, speed, calories burned and more to maximise your riding experience. The device is weather resistance (it’s designed not to be removed) and has an in-built burglar alarm for added peace of mind.

SMARTHALO connects to your phone via Bluetooth where you can input your destination then safely tuck away your mobile, letting SMARTHALO do the rest. A very impressive piece of tech for keen cyclists.

This Way…

  1. PlayerTek | £199.00

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - PlayerTek (1)

He’s football crazy, he’s football mad, the football it has taken away the little bit o’ sense he had. Of course, PlayerTek can be used journey other sports too…

This impressive bit of kit will track your performance during training and games by measuring distance, top speed, sprint distance and the number of sprints. Likewise, it tracks your movement and creates positional heat maps for post-game analysis. All of the metrics can be compared first vs second half to detect fitness and stamina, and it even allows you to pit your metrics against anyone using the technology, such as professional players.

Clicking Me is a Great Idea

  1. Battleground Spider | £44.99

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Battleground Spider (1)

In our opinion, this is one of the most fun gadgets for men. Why watch Robot Wars when you can be in Robot Wars?

The Battleground Spider 2.0 Double Pack (what a mouthful) has been upgraded, ready for battle. Not only do these little bots have incredible sound effects but also boast a sensor and laser for maximum action!

Think How Fun it Would Be…

  1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard | £440.00 £249.97

GC - Fun Gadgets for Men - Hoverboard (1)

The holy grail of gadgets: the hoverboard. Zip into the future with a hoverboard, leaving scooters where they belong – in the past.

The Hovertrax 2.0 has an intuitive self-balancing board with EverBalance sensitive pads. The powerful dual hub motors make for an ultra-smooth and silent ride, whilst the battery life allows a full hour of ride time (with only a 4-hour charge!)

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