How drones are helping fisherman make a big catch

Drones and deep sea fishing.

There are several ways that drones are now being employed to help with fishing.

In New Zealand, some drones (such as the Aeroknotiki) are specially made for deep sea fishing and can go and set up your hooks 1km out to sea. Something that was only previously possible without sophisticated remote control helicopters or other technology.

It allows the keen fisherman to fish, but still be with their family – a huge advantage over spending the day alone on a boat! You can be enjoying yourself on the beach while the drone is busy a long way away with fishing tasks.

Anybody can fly this drone, so it will be pretty difficult to lose or crash the drone, even in windy conditions. It makes things easier for everybody and allows the whole family to be involved in the sport! A win.

Drones and inland fishing.

So for deep sea fishing with drones, the advantages are clear – you don’t need a boat any longer to play! What about using drones for more inland fishing activities?

This video shows someone using a drone for simple fishing with a float and weight. The drone replaces the road and reel. When the fish bites, the pilot can quickly pull the drones out of the water without a problem.

You don’t necessarily need a fishing specific drone either (although they do exist) as these guys demonstrate using a DJI Inspire 1. This shows them using the Inspire for a simple bait drop, and later that bait catching a fish. Nice work boys!

How about bigger fish? In this video, you can see Australian fishers taking their lure out to see to fish for tuna using the DJI Phantom IV. They use the drone to spot the fish location. Then drop their lure right on target as the fish are feeding. A pretty amazing piece of fishing I think you’d agree.

A word of warning, however – things can go wrong and as you might imagine when things go wrong near water with an electronic device like a drone they tend to be quite permanent. You would not be the first technology loving fisherman to lose their drone into the water. It can happen very easily. When using your drone for fishing always try to keep it in sight – not flying too fast – and keep plenty of distance above the water – if you are carrying a line out a long distance there is no need to be close to the water this can only create problems as you can see here:

Of course, somebody has thought of this and has invented a waterproof drone called the Mariner! This particular drone should solve that problem forever – and you can pilot the thing underwater.  Also made with this in mind are the SwellPro and the Lily drone.

The Parrot also has a ‘hydrofoil’ model which is happy around water and worth your attention if you’re thinking of buying a drone for fishing. Plus it would appear that ‘Drone Expert’, a company in Holland, are selling thermal imaging accessories for the Mavic and Phantom which will help to locate fish, as well as the quick release systems.

A Kansas farmer hit the headlines when he pulled fish out of his lake using a drone. His short video caught the imagination of fisherman across the world, and you can see it here:

For deep sea fishing and other long-range activities, you are going to need more than a simple drone and fishing line and bait, although it is clear that you can do a lot with this basic setup. Where the fishing specific drones like the Artoknotik will come in handy. As you need to be able to carry your line out to sea but also to release it at the correct moment.

Carp fisherman have developed a special release system which allows a drone to drop bait at precisely the correct time and place. It relies on the whole set up hitting the bottom of a lake. When that happens the release is triggered:

Fishing with drones is here to stay and is, without a doubt, bad news for fish!

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