Could The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Be The Greatest Phantom Ever Made?

So much more than the Phantom 4

It is not merely an extension of the already acclaimed Phantom 4, with some minor changes. The Phantom 4 Pro features enhancements that make a significant difference to the user experience and final result.

Once you have this drone in your hands and can test it yourself, your mind will be blown.

What’s new about the Phantom 4 Pro?

  1. Improved Gimbal

Even though visually, the gimbal hasn’t changed at all, the camera is completely new. The Phantom 4 Pro uses a 1-inch CMOS sensor with 20MP, supporting maximum 4k at 60fps and a 100MB/s video bed rate. These aren’t only fantastic improvements in quality, but also enable the use of a mechanical shutter.

It changes the game completely.

There is much less chance of image distortion in the software and users may take much higher resolution pictures to create high-quality maps. Moreover, the better sensor and the mechanical shutter work together to provide the perfect means for taking high-quality stealth pictures.

  1. Sharper resolution

Compared with its counterparts, the Phantom 4 Pro certainly has the most natural saturation and exposure, especially when it comes to quality of the footage. Still, images are about as sharp and clean as possible, although may lack some of the artificial pop other drones provide. However, this might only be a minor issue for the most demanding droners, since the overall quality produced is definitely of the highest standard.

In low light conditions, so indoors or during bad weather, the Phantom 4 Pro really excels. The result is much cleaner and sharper than the standard provided by other drones.

  1. Better Reception

The Phantom 4 Pro supports both 2.4 and 5.8ghz frequencies to avoid interference from other drones and mobile devices. It will ensure it stays on course and prevents disastrous accidents!

The Phantom 4 Pro also includes duel GPS, IMU and compass redundancy, which helps you get it home safely if you encounter a failure.

  1. Enhanced ActiveTrack

DJI has positioned the Phantom 4 Pro as a stills camera, but it’s also terrific for making videos.

At an incredible 60 frames per second, you can get high-res moving shots, or, if you publish at 30fps, you can show the footage at half speed, creating an excellent slow motion effect. The Phantom 4 Pro easily and steadily tracks moving objects, as if it were a bird stalking you!

  1. Faster Sport Mode

When accelerating in Sports Mode, the Phantom 4 Pro will lose a little altitude. Get some height before you fly it over water or dangerous rocky ground.

The maximum speed in Sports Mode has increased to 45mph, while the maximum Obstacle Avoidance Speed has increased to 31mph, meaning you can cover more ground in less time.

  1. Wider Range

DJI lists the Phantom 4 Pro’s range at 4.3 miles – a significant upgrade on the Phantom 4, which only stretches to 3.1 miles. However, rules on drone usage are pretty clear: you must be able to see the drone at all times! So if you actually fly as far as 4.3 miles you’re probably going to be breaking the law a little bit.

The Phantom 4 Pro’s total flight time is 30 minutes – longer than any competitor.

  1. A Choice of Controller

You could save yourself some cash and use the standard DJI GL300E Controller with the Phantom 4 Pro. However, if you want to take this drone to the next level, you could also splash out on the new GL300F Controller, which has a built-in 5.5” 1080p Android Tablet, 16GB internal storage and micro SD card capacity. So you don’t have to use your smartphone with the Phantom 4 Pro.

The GL300F also includes low-latency live streaming, HDMI output for a first-person headset and built-in GPS, microphone and speaker.

  1. Better Handling

The Phantom 4 Pro is a serious tool for serious photographers, optimised for stability and quality. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of convenience. The Phantom 4 Pro is heavy, clunky and time-consuming when it comes to packing.

  1. Safer Flying

The Phantom 4 Pro has a more sophisticated obstacle avoidance system. Allowing it to detect obstacles up to 150ft either forwards or backwards, and 21ft to either side. It could potentially save your drone from nasty collisions with obstacles you can’t see yourself when working at a range.

Great Value for Money

At £1,589, the Phantom 4 Pro might seem expensive, but when you consider the long-term value of your video production the Phantom 4 Pro will bring, it really is a worthwhile investment.

This drone is a step up

Overall, the Phantom 4 Pro is a more intelligent, better equipped, higher quality drone than say the Phantom 4 or Mavic. It’s perfect for droners who require the absolute highest quality, for example, those who shoot for commercials. However, the Phantom 4 Pro is arguably least convenient when it comes to packing. So, bear that in mind if you want to travel a lot with your drone.

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