9 cool gadgets for men: The best releases of 2018

This year has seen some cracking gadgets come on sale. From high-end tech that’ll blow your budget to cheaper must-haves, 2018 has been a top year for men’s gadget releases.

As 2018 has been such a gratuitous year on the gadget front, we’ve rounded up nine of the best gadgets for men. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of gadgets to choose from. Of course, you’ll also know which devices are going to rock your world.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight to the gizmos every man will want on their 2018 Christmas wish list.

1. The GrillBot

Cleaning the grill is a crappy job. But, for those of us who like to host a barbeque, cleaning the grill is a familiar ritual that follows many a dinner party. It’s a task that takes a lot of elbow grease and, after a few pints, doesn’t get done very thoroughly.

The GrillBot is here to make sure your next dinner finishes on a high note. Just pop the Bot onto your barbeque, shut the lid and let the Bot’s brushes do their job. You’ll still have to clean under the grill, but the tedious job of scrubbing fat from between the metal rods is a thing of the past.

GrillBot | Cool gadgets for men 2017

2. Scosche BoomBottle

On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than cycling to a quiet spot and filling it full of your favourite tunes. The Scosche BoomBottle is a compact Bluetooth speaker that slots into your bike’s water bottle holder. Encased in a silicone covering, the speaker absorbs impacts when dropped and battered about.

The BoomBottle offers excellent audio quality. So, even if you turn up the volume, you won’t experience any unpleasant tinniness to the sound. The speaker charges using a USB port and there’s a headphone jack if you want to plug in and listen to your music more discretely.

Boombottle | Cool gadgets for men 2017

3. The R2-D2 Coffee Press

Indulge your inner geek with the R2-D2 coffee press. This gadget is a must for anyone who has equal love in their heart for two of life’s essentials: coffee and Star Wars.

The coffee press is straightforward to set up and brew, which is something your pre-caffeinated morning brain will be thankful for. It’ll make enough coffee to fill four mugs and is dishwasher friendly if you don’t feel like washing up.

R2D2 coffee press | Cool gadgets for men 2017

4. Braun Multi Grooming Kit

Pruning your facial hair is quick and easy with a Braun grooming kit. The pack comes with a range of heads for shaving different parts of your face (there’s even a nose hair trimmer). You also get a Gillette Fuzion razor in case you want to return to a clean-shaven look.

Experiment with the adjustable beard combs to find the right stubble length for you. The trimmer depth ranges from 1mm to 21mm, so there’s a good range from which to choose. Even after a few days of neglecting your face fur, you’ll find the razor moves smoothly across your jawline without pulling on your hair.

Grooming Kit | Cool gadgets for men 2017

Buy Braun Multi-Grooming Kit | £31.00

5. AVIANT 5 Port USB Charging Station

This charging station lets you neatly store and charge your phone, tablet and smartwatch devices. The simple racked design helps you use your space efficiently and buying the shortened charging cables keeps the station looking tidy.

The charging port is sturdy and won’t tip over as you’re placing your devices. Also, the bamboo design looks cool and blends well with light wood furniture.

Aviant charging port | Cool gadgets for men 2017

6. Garmin Vivoactive HR Fitbit

It is the best fitness watch to come out of Garmin, and the company has made a lot. The watch has all the features you need in a fitness gadget, including GPS tracking, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. What’s more, it comes with an attractive colour display that you’d usually pay a premium for.

The watch has a good battery life, lasting for up to five days before you need to clip the charger back on. It’s also water resistant, so you’ll have no problem wearing it swimming. The design isn’t super chic, but for burly blokes keen to shed a few pounds, this gadget will give you the best value for money.

Fitness watch | Cool gadgets for men 2017

Buy Garmin Vivoactive HR Fitbit | £209.99

7. RIF 6 Cube

The RIF 6 Cube is a mini projector measuring 2” x 2” x 2”. It’s designed to pair with your smartphone or tablet, blowing up videos playing on the devices to tv-sized proportions. In the package, you’ll find a tripod upon which you mount the cube, ready to project images onto a wall.

In a dark room, you’ll be able to project 30” images (measured diagonally). If you turn up the light, you’ll have to reduce the size of the projected image to retain sharpness.

Rif Cube | Cool gadgets for men 2017

8. Nomad Key

It is the gadget for you if you’re someone who’s always running out of phone battery when out and about. The Nomad Key is a lightning charger that fits onto your keyring, poised to charge your phone the moment your battery runs low.

There are two different Keys available: one for iOS and another for Android. The gadget is both portable and durable thanks to its miniature rubber design. Overall, this is a practical product sold at an affordable price.

Nomad Key | Cool gadgets for men 2017


9. Laser Keyboard

Do you ever get fed up of holding your smartphone/tablet as you type? Well, now there’s a laser keyboard that lets you type onto any flat surface while your device is propped in front of you. All you do is connect the Laser Keyboard via Bluetooth or USB, and the keyboard layout appears, ready to relay your typing onto the device.

But the perks don’t stop there. The Laser Keyboard doubles up as a charger thanks to its built-in 5200 mAh power pack. So, you won’t worry about your phone or iPad dying when away from a plug socket.

Laser Keyboard | Cool gadgets for men 2017

Buy Laser Keyboard | £69.99

Cool gadgets for men

Having one, or several, of these gadgets will prove a game changer for any man. Whether it’s forgetting about the post-barbeque clean-up drill or starting your day with a geek-worthy coffee, these 2018 gadgets will make your life that bit better.