Comparing The Nintendo Switch and The Xbox One

With Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch, finally on sale in the UK, plenty of people want to know how it matches up to Microsoft’s Xbox One. What’s similar and what’s different? Let’s find out.

Xbox One Console

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox one – Price

Currently retailing at £279.99 in the UK, the Nintendo Switch has plenty of competition on the market when it comes to gaming consoles. With the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as popular as ever and the release of the new Xbox One Scorpio due later this year, how will the Nintendo Switch fare?

The one thing many people will consider when it comes to choosing between the two consoles is the price. At the current retail price, the console is available in grey or red/blue. It is available to buy from multiple retailers across the UK. We expect the price to stay steady for a while with perhaps a drop in price come Christmas 2017.

It can be difficult to compare the price of the Switch to the Xbox One due to the different Xbox One consoles there are. For instance, the Xbox One Elite retails at £297, markedly higher than the Nintendo Switch price. However, the Xbox One S, dependent on size and the games bundled with it, comes out at less than the Nintendo Switch. With the 500GB Xbox One S bundled with Minecraft retailing at £229.99. However, the console is now three years old whereas the Switch is brand new to the market.

Buy Nintendo Switch at for £279.99

Buy Xbox One at from £209.99

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox one – Specification and Features

Specs and features wise, a comparison can be tricky as the consoles are markedly different. When it comes to power, Xbox One wins hands down – it has a 1.75GHz 8-core AMD CPU with integrated graphics, which is faster than the Switch’s Nvidia Tegra Chip, and it has more RAM than the Switch’s rumoured amount. Storage wise, the Xbox comes out on top too. Selling both 500GB and 1TB consoles when the Switch has just a 32GB console (although this can be made expandable by a Micro SD card). In physical terms, the Xbox One is much bigger to look at.

Nintendo Switch Console

However, the Switch has much more added features. The Microsoft offering is quite traditional whereas Nintendo has released a console that is considered more of a hybrid – allowing you to play games on the go or the big screen should you wish to. The Nintendo Switch is essentially a touchscreen tablet with controllers that slot into the sides. It can be played with those attached or separated from the screen on the go. It can even be output to the TV.

Nintendo Switch vs Xbox one – Games and Accessories

mario-kart-8-deluxe swtich game

The gaming experiences on offer from both consoles are very different. Whereas the Xbox One offers a more traditional gaming experience, the Switch is more modern with the ability to play on the go and at home.

Nintendo Switch Controller

When it comes to accessories, you’re only likely to want additional controllers. Perhaps a headset and a more specialised controller (perhaps a driving wheel) for certain games for the Xbox One. But you are definitely looking at more when it comes to the Switch. A carry case if you are choosing to take it on the go. Perhaps a Pro controller if you are planning to play from home. There’s also the possible need for a Micro SD card should you want more storage. It all adds up and the prices should factor in when deciding on which console you wish to buy.

Xbox One Games

Games wise, the Xbox One has an array of major titles which have been released over the last few years with plenty of exclusives. Such as Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 and also the major multi-platform games too. The upcoming stream of exclusives may be slim but there will be plenty of multi-platform games being released for sure.

Since the Switch is a newer console, you are fairly reliant on the first party games available from Nintendo although there are some third party games on their way. There are plenty of promising games due to come out. However, the current offering is fairly slim. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was the flagship title with the mini-game collection 1-2 Switch following shortly afterwards. There are plenty of games due for release for the console this year. But due to the newness of the console, there isn’t much to choose from as yet.

One major advantage the Switch has that the Xbox One doesn’t is that when you put a game cartridge into the Switch, it is immediately available to play. Unlike the Xbox One which has to go through an install process, which also occupies space on the hard drive. The Xbox One console may offer an online store to download games to bypass this process, but the fact still stands that there is no install delay with the Switch.

Which games console is better?

There are plenty of things to consider when comparing the two consoles. Plus while you may be comparing the older Xbox One models, it is important to consider the imminent release of the Xbox One Scorpio at some point this year. While you might not know what to expect, weighing up your options is key as you don’t want to make a purchase and regret it later.

Ultimately the two consoles are in fact very different. It is important to weigh up the pro’s and cons when choosing which console to buy. Once you know what are you looking for, then you can make a choice.

Best Price

Buy Nintendo Switch at for £279.99

Buy Xbox One at from £209.99

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