Compare Phone Contracts & Find Deals on UK Networks

Google Pixel 2 | 64GB | £27.00p/m
Compare Phone Contracts & Find Deals on UK Networks

Pixel XL 2, the second ever smartphone by Google, boasts a range of new features as well as a large screen that's ideal for movies and games on the go. Upfront Cost: £145.00; Data: 3GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Compare Phone Contracts & Find Deals on UK Networks

Compare phone contracts on SIM only and pay monthly to find the cheapest deal. Get Gadget Comparer’s top tips on picking a phone contract that’s worth every penny.

Apple iPhone 8 | 64GB |Gold

Upfront Cost: £79.00; Data: 12GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 64GB | Grey

Upfront Cost: £79.00; Data: 12GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

4GB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Upfront Cost: £0; Data: 4GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 12 months.

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Apple iPhone X | 64GB | Grey

Upfront: £185.00; Data: 20GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Google PX 2 | 64GB | White

Upfront: £145.00; Data: 3GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

2GB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Upfront: £0; Data: 2GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months

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Apple iPhone 8 | 256GB | Gold

Upfront Cost: £569.99; Data: 500MB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 12 months.

Google Pixel 2 | 128GB | Black

Upfront Cost: £419.99; Data: 500MB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 12 months.

250MB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Upfront Cost: £0; Data: 250MB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 12 months.

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Apple iPhone 8 | 64GB | Gold

Upfront: £110.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £100.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

20GB | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts

Upfront: £0; Data: 20GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months

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Compare Phone Contracts

The biggest mistake people make when starting a new phone contract is blindly sticking with their current provider. In doing so, they miss an opportunity to compare phone contracts and save money.

What these people don’t realise is that comparing phone contracts doesn’t need to be time-consuming. In fact, with the help of comparison sites like Gadget Comparer, finding the cheapest deals couldn’t be easier.

Here, we’ve brought together the UK’s best smartphone contracts, so you can see how much better off you’d be if you were to switch. To fast-track you to the offer you want, we’ve split them into pay monthly and SIM only deals.

How to compare phone contracts

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When comparing phone contracts, you’ll want to think about more than price. For example, you should look at the customer perks offered by each provider to see who has the best benefits.

Here’s a checklist of things to consider before committing to a contract:

SIM only or pay monthly

Paying for your smartphone upfront and moving onto a SIM only contract is cheaper than paying off your phone in instalments. Frustratingly, monthly contracts are often inflated, leaving you to pay much more overall.

Texts, minutes and data

Are you a chatterbox who spends hours at a time on the phone? Or, are you an internet addict who burns through data?

Depending on how you use your phone, you’ll want to compare phone contracts that cover your usage needs. But, don’t go overboard. A lot of phone users pay over the odds because they buy unlimited everything and barely make a dent in their allowance.

Loyalty bonuses & rewards

Several providers offer customer perks that are so good they up the value of your phone contract. For example, O2 gives customers priority tickets to all the music and sports venues its sponsors.


The idea behind a cashback phone contract is that your provider gives you money back for making them your network of choice. Cashback phone contracts will work in one of two ways:

Instant cashback: You’re automatically given a fixed sum at the end of your contract. The money can be credited to your phone account or sent via bank transfer.

Redemption cashback: This type of cashback is more finicky because you must send your network provider phone bills proving you’ve paid up. If you submit a bill late, the network can refuse to give you the money.

You’ll find more cashback offers on SIM only contracts than pay monthly contracts. Of the UK phone retailers, has the most cashback deals.

Customer service

compare phone contracts -Vodafone customer service (1)

A lot can go wrong with your phone. From surprise spillages to accidental drops, brief moments of clumsiness can render your smartphone useless.

When the unpredictable does happen and your trusty mobile lets you down, you’ll want a supportive customer service team to come to your rescue. It’s safe to say some networks have better customer service than others, so compare factor this into your phone contract comparison.

Where to find the cheapest mobile contracts in the UK

Phone retailers regularly update their phone contract deals, which makes it hard to pin down the cheapest place to buy. That said, these online stores never take their foot off the pedal as they vie to offer the cheapest mobile contract.

ID Mobile: ID Mobile has one of the largest collections of cheap mobile contracts. The company also sells refurbished mobiles at a discount, which are less expensive but in good condition.

Carphone Warehouse: Carphone Warehouse has a steady churn of cheap phone contract deals from all the main network providers. If you’re looking for a pay monthly contract, Carphone Warehouse is a sensible place to start.

Plusnet Mobile: Plusnet has several SIM-only plans for less than £10.00 per month. If you’re on track to run out of data, use their affordable bolt-on packages to top-up.

Compare phone contracts: iPhones

Last year, we celebrated 10 years of iPhone innovation by comparing the iPhone 7 to the first ever iPhone. The cool part: over 10 years since its birth the same hype that surrounded iPhone releases in 2007 rages on.

Apple’s latest releases are the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Both phones have superb cameras, solid performance and vivid displays. Although, for a little extra dosh, you’ll get your mitts on the iPhone X’s gorgeous edge-to-edge super retina display and face recognition technology.

Most people in the UK choose to go onto a monthly phone contract when buying an iPhone. As you compare monthly iPhone contracts, it’s important to factor in these details:

Total cost: How much will you pay overall? When you break the cost of a phone down by month, it might not seem like a big investment. But, to get a clearer picture of how much the iPhone will cost you, compare phone contracts on total spend.

Upfront cost: How much do you have to pay today? If buying one of Apple’s latest iPhones, you can expect to spend £100+ before you start paying your monthly instalments.

Phone memory: When you sign up for Apple’s iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. Once you exceed this limit, you must pay a fee. Therefore, it’s helpful to have some spare capacity on your device. The more photos, video and apps you have saved, the more memory you’ll want.

Upgrade options: Upgrading your iPhone means you always have the latest model. Most phone retailers only let you upgrade at the end of a contract, but some will let you upgrade a couple of months early.

Compare phone contracts: Android

Because there are more manufacturers to choose from, comparing phone contracts for Androids is more complicated. On top of details like total cost, you’ll need understand the manufacturers’ strengths. To give you some insight into the various brands, here’s an introduction to the biggest Android players.


Google PX 2 - Feature Vodafone Contracts (1)

Google is behind some of the most innovative phones on sale in the UK. Its Pixel phones have cameras that capture a stunning level of detail. Plus, the intuitive Google Assistant will help you do anything from managing your calendar to translating languages.


Samsung creates the most stylish phones, with stunning displays and sleek aluminium shells. If you’re looking for cheap mobile contracts, check out Samsung’s Galaxy J models, which outperform rival budget phones.


The quality of LG phones is often underestimated. If you want a phone that’s easy-to-use, looks stylish and includes cool features not available on other Androids, give serious thought to buying an LG.


HTC phones are built to last, with most handsets combining powerful processors and efficient batteries. HTC was also the first to introduce squeeze control technology to its phones, letting you operate your phone with a squeeze of your hand.

To see how LG and HTC phones compare, check out our LG G6 vs HTC U11 comparison.


If you’re after a premium phone on a cheap mobile contract, consider a Huawei handset. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro matches or outshines many of its more expensive competitors.


There are plenty of cheap mobile contracts available on OnePlus phones. In fact, these Androids are astonishingly affordable considering the quality of their specs.

Unsure whether to go for a Huawei or OnePlus? Read our OnePlus 5 vs Huawei P10 plus comparison to get an idea of these brand’s strengths.

Finding the right phone contract for you

When you compare phone contracts, think about the entire package: What customer perks will you get? Is there an option to claim cashback? Is the customer services team friendly? By asking these kinds of questions, you’ll gravitate towards the mobile contracts that offer value for money.

Also, take your time reading through a phone contract’s terms and conditions. Once you e-sign these agreements, you’re legally obliged to make the payments. Terminating the agreement early will impact your credit score, which can come back to bite you later in life.

By carrying out a thorough phone contract comparison, you’re setting yourself up to be 100 percent happy with your buy. Not only will you understand which mobile contracts are cheapest, but you’ll feel confident you’re getting the best phone on a reliable network.