10 car gadgets every driver needs (even if they don’t know it)

One of the best things about driving in 2017 is the host of cool car gadgets available. From gadgets that maintain the health of your vehicle to accessories for keeping your car clutter-free, there’s a gizmo to get around every driver’s biggest challenges.

If you’re on the hunt for a new car gadget, here are 10 that will make your next journey more fun, comfortable and safe. Just think how much easier your next drive will be with this lot on standby!

Digital tyre pressure checker & inflator

Before your road trip gets underway, you’ll want to make sure your car is in tiptop form.

A pressure checker/inflator will save you a trip to the petrol station to pump up your tyres. No more waiting in line for the joy of inflating your tyres while the five cars behind you look on impatiently. Now, you can tend to your tyres at your leisure.

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Multi-use car organiser

If you have kids, this car gadget is a must. Car organisers are seat covers that come with pouches for holding bottles, books, cuddly toys etc. The good ones also have a clear, tablet-sized pocket, so whoever’s sat in the back can watch videos to pass the time.

In short, this gadget is perfect for parents wanting to keep their car neat and their seats away from muddy shoes and surprise spillages.

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Car vacuum cleaners

Left a bit of a mess after that emergency stop-off at the Maccies drive-thru? No worries; handheld vacuum cleaners are an affordable way to whisk up crumbs and de-litter your car, leaving it clean as a whistle.

Vax handheld vacuums are a good shout if you need to magic away mess in a jiffy. As well as giving you a squeaky-clean car, this gizmo puts an end to Mum’s scathing evaluation of your hygiene standards each time you give her a lift.

Handheld car vacuum
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Dash cam

Being in a car accident that wasn’t your fault sucks. But, it’s a whole lot worse when the other party blames you.

Dash cams capture your front-facing view so you have a record of your car journeys. The evidence the footage provides is incredibly helpful if you get caught in an insurance claim dispute.

APEMAN dash cams have wide-angled cameras that take in your entire field of view. The car gadget, which sits securely on your windscreen, will automatically erase old footage to continually record without running out of memory.
Dash cam for car
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Portable jump starter kit

Ever found yourself stranded in a car park for several hours waiting for the breakdown people to come and jumpstart your car?

It’s always a pain when that road trip you were so excited for is held up by a flat battery. So, it’s a good idea to have your own easy-to-use gadget ready to nudge it awake.

The DBPOWER Battery Booster is a powerful jump starter that won’t take up much space in your boot. The car gadget is safer than the jumper cables people used to use because built-in functions protect against overcharge. In other words, your battery won’t explode in your face and make a bad day worse.
Car gadget jump starter kit
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Car USB charger

Car chargers are a great way to keep your smartphone or tablet alive on a long journey. Plus, you never know when you might get stuck in traffic and need your device to last a little longer than it ordinarily would.

RavPower sells a car adaptor with two USB ports, so you can charge a couple of devices at once.  They also come in a few colours – black, red and gold – so you can pick one that matches your car’s interior.
Charger for car
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Car dehumidifier

Waiting for your screens to clear after a frosty night can be frustrating. Especially when you’re in a rush to get to work.

Dehumidifiers are a simple yet effective car gadget. Most are filled with silica, which dries out the air to stop moisture condensing. All you need to do is place the bag by your screen and leave it to demist your view.
Dehumidifier for car
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Parking sensors

Many modern cars have built-in sensors to help you avoid obstacles when reversing. The sensors bleep when you’re about to hit something, which is helpful when pedestrians walk out behind you or when you’re parallel parking in a tight space.

Even if your car doesn’t have parking sensors, you can buy your own without breaking the bank. Good parking sensors are easy to fit and come with a wireless reversing camera that shows how close to the curb you are.
Car gadget for parking
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Alcohol and driving don’t mix well. But if you’re designated driver, you might still want to join your friends for a drink to be sociable.

Breathalysers tell you in an instant whether you’re above the legal limit to drive. So, if you do have a tipple, you know you’re safe to get back in the car.

This breathalyser from VicTsing is small enough to tuck in your pocket or pop in your glove compartment. The bright blue LCD display is also handy for reading your results in the dark.
Breathalyser for drivers

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An aux lead

Listening to the radio can get repetitive. You start off singing along to some semi-decent songs and chuckling at the presenters’ mildly funny jokes. But after the third Bieber song in an hour, you’re ready to take control of the playlist.

The simple aux lead lets you do just that. The cable plugs into your car’s aux port and lets you play tunes on your smartphone through the car’s speakers. Or if you’re not a music fan, stream a podcast instead.

Aux lead car gadget
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Car gadgets don’t need to cost a lot

Car gadgets are a great way to enhance your driving experience without spending much money. It helps that the many of these gizmos aren’t exactly ‘high-tech’, so aren’t too expensive to produce.

You can buy all the gadgets listed here for under £100 (and most for a lot less), so there’s no need to break the budget. Also, keep your eyes peeled for offers and discounts to get the best deal possible.

What to consider when buying a car gadget

Before you buy a car gadget, make sure to check the following:

  • The gadget is compatible with your car model
  • Customer reviews are mostly positive
  • There’s a warranty for expensive, electronic car gadgets
  • Car maintenance gadgets, such as jump starter kits, have undergone safety tests (preferably within the UK)

As most people buy car gadgets online, they don’t have the chance to test them out first. Paying attention to these four areas will help you avoid a disappointing purchase that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Car gadgets offer something for everyone

Tootling around in your car is generally good fun. But when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your vehicle, driving becomes more of a chore.

With the right gadgets to hand, tending to these tasks becomes less of a hassle. The 10 listed here are the real essentials for every driver. With their help, you’ll be set up for a smooth driving experience that makes getting from A to B a pleasure.

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