21 cool home Gadgets for every room

Christmas is on its way – which means it’s time to start thinking about what present you can buy for your partner that is secretly for you. The best place to begin, we think, are cool home gadgets.

We’re not talking about Alexa, Google Home and the HomePod and whatnot; that’d be like getting a live-in maid without telling them; no, we’re talking about the smaller, novelty, stocking-filler style home gadgets. You know the ones that will, in reality, take longer to use than completing the task without it.

Why should you buy cool home gadgets as a gift? For the forever power to say: “Oh, honey, aren’t you going to use the [insert cool home gadgets here] that I got you?”

Ultimate. Power.

21 cool home gadgets:

The living room

  1. Levitate 2.0

As far as cool home gadgets go, this is definitely up there (get it?) Who needs a gravity-defying Bluetooth speaker – the answer – you, you do.

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  1. Moonlight Cushion

Thanks to Prezzybox, for just £19.99, you can increase your living room film experiences from zero to hero. This cool living room gadget is not only cheap but unique and eye-catching; it’ll have all your guests commenting!

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  1. Candy Grabber

GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Candy Grabber (1)

As we all know, the living room is snacking central. So, at Gadget Comparer we figured, why pretend you’re not going to munch your way through 5 packets of skittles on the sofa? Stop lying to yourself. Acceptance is the first step.

This fun candy grabber from MenKind for £29.99 replicates childhood arcade machines making it fun and filling.

Buy it here.

  1. Universal Remote

    GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Remote Controllers (1)

Okay, so this one is actually useful. We live in a world where we have TVs, some form of channel provider box (Freeview, Amazon etc.), a DVD or Blu-ray player, games console, audio speakers – the list goes on. Anyway, 9 times out of 10 these all require a separate remote control. The Universal Remote, if you hadn’t guessed, aims to be compatible with all your tech to make controlling your gadgets remotely a breeze.

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  1. Popcorn Maker

This one really doesn’t need explaining. For £29.99 you can’t really say no.

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GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Popcorn Maker (1) copy

To the kitchen

[Disclaimer: we really like breakfast food toasters]

  1. SMART Breakfast Master Toaster

We love eggs. We also love breakfast. If you are like us then the SMART Breakfast Master Toaster sounds like the right one for you.

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  1. Spartan Knife Block

    GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Knife Block (1)

Not quite a gadget but we thought it was funny so it made the list anyway. This Spartan Knife Block is sure to make you chuckle and is the perfect pointless gift. Go forth! Stab the wooden man in your kitchen at home!

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  1. Tefal TT552842 2 Slice Toast ‘n’ Egg ‘n’ Beans Toaster

We hope that the Tefal TT552842 2 Slice Toast ‘n’ Egg ‘n’ Beans Toaster is as efficient as its name. Alas, don’t get excited, despite what the lengthy name suggests, it’s more of an egg OR bean machine. Tefal, call us when we can do both.

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  1. Food Huggers Silicone Food Savers

GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Food huggers (1)

How many times have you had to throw away perfectly good fruit and veg because you only needed half to begin with? If you’re like me and only eat microwave meals, then never. But someone in your house might appreciate them.

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  1. SMART Bacon Express Toaster

The holy grail of breakfast toaster machines, the Bacon Express. Why can’t you use a regular frying pan? Or the oven for that matter? As the owner of this piece of machinery, why would you?

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GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Bacon Toaster (1)

  1. Splash Chopping Board

This makes a great gift for anyone that does a lot of cooking in the house; the gift of perpetually looking as though they’ve split something red on the countertop. Why they’ll be thanking you every day.

Buy it here.

GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Chopping Board (1)

And now, for the bedroom

  1. Sleep Phones

Time to reclaim the land of nod. Or perhaps, if you’re the unconscious fog horn, these would make a great gift for your poor partner or housemates. Anyone that’s used earplugs knows how uncomfortable they can be – this is a much better solution.

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  1. Philips Hue

Time to spice up your room with some atmospheric lighting. The Philips Hue is a piece of technology that learns your lifestyle; it can be used to wake you up, help you get energized, read, concentrate or relax.

The Hue even goes as far as welcoming you home and can be controlled by your smartphone!

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  1. SELJE Wireless Charging Bedside Table

The future is now. How many times have you missed your alarm or been utterly lost due to a phone without a full battery because you forgot to put it on to charge? GUILTY. Well, that is a thing of the past thanks to IKEA’s bedside table with wireless charging… if your smartphone is compatible.

Buy it here.

  1. Sega Star Theatre Planetarium

GC - Cool Home Gadgets - Planetarium (1)

You might live in your parents’ basement but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the joys of a skylight. Bring the outside in with this planetarium by Sega Star.

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  1. Studio 3B™ Bed Lift Set

Not sure if this would be described as a “cool” home gadget but it’s certainly useful – and smart. The little feet are designed to lift a bed further from the floor to create more storage space underneath. The little feet also provide extra charging ports for close connectivity. See? Smart.

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Lastly of all, the bathroom

  1. The Moxie Showerhead

What’s one of the first things we learn as children? Not to take electrical equipment into the bathroom. It seems KOHLER missed the life lesson and as a result has created a wireless speaker that fits into the Moxie showerhead. Excited to see how this one pans out.

  1. TECHO Touchless Toilet

Nothing says innovation and “cool home gadgets” like an automatically flushing toilet. Wow your guests with your futuristic loo. Hopefully, this is one step towards a life where our hands are left completely redundant.

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  1. Heated Towel Warmer

Having a towel rail or heated towel cupboard fitted may seem costly but it doesn’t have to be. This heated towel warmer by Lakeland is a plug-in so can be placed wherever you want. TRUST us when we say you’ll love a heated towel after stepping out the shower on a winter morning.

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  1. Vanity TV Mirrors

What a time to be alive. Now, with these mirrored bathroom cupboards that have a built-in TV, you can live the dream of being perpetually stuck to a screen, even in the bathroom. How cool is that?

Buy it here.

GC - Cool Home Gadgets - TV Vanity (1)

  1. Colour Changing LED Showerhead

And now, cool home gadgets for the real party-goers; a colour changing LED showerhead will ensure you wash in technicolour.

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