10 outdated Gadgets that kids won’t know

Each day makes a once essential gadget redundant and obsolete. But rather than mourn the loss of another gizmo gone by, Gadget Comparer has decided to celebrate their lives (while pitying the kids of today that’ll never know the joy of them). Hence, 10 outdated gadgets that kids won’t know… or appreciate, which is truly quite sad.

We’ve put together 10 life-changing gadgets that anyone who grew up in the technology booming age of the 90s will know, love and miss.

10 outdated Gadgets that kids won’t know:

    1. Sony Walkman

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Sony Walkman 2.0

Oh, Sony. Sony, Sony, Sony, how you revolutionised my childhood. The Sony Walkman started life as a portable cassette player that soon updated to a mobile CD player. THE FUTURE WAS NOW – what a time to be alive.

For the first time, ever, you could take your music on the road; no one cared that it was the same album on repeat (or that you had to wear a backpack filled with cassettes and CDS if you wanted to change it).

I vividly remember walking to Woolworths to steal some penny sweets just so that I could listen to the new Spice Girls album. Ahh, memories.

      1. Nokia 3210

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Nokia 3210 (2.0)

The phone of all phones. The Nokia 3210 is the mobile phone of dreams. After its release in 1999, the Nokia 3210 defined what a cell phone should be. Not only was it affordable, which allowed it to become part of normal circulation (160 million units were sold), but it had an INTERNAL ANTENNA (aka witchcraft) and was the first to come with Snake preloaded (which is still the best game to date).

The battery life on this thing would last for a week, and it always had a signal. Which was great, despite none of your friends having a phone that meant that your contact list comprised of 5 numbers: mum, dad, uncle Dave, nan and your big brother Joe (who hated you and never replied to your extortionate 10p messages anyway).

      1. VHS

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - VHS (2.0)

Now let’s think back to a time when Friday nights meant your mum driving to Blockbusters to pick up a VHS to rent, what a thrill that was. In terms of outdated gadgets that kids won’t know, VHS is a real shame.

Blockbusters was the place-to-be. Apart from that aisle, you were never allowed down that aisle… even after you saw your old neighbour with the weird moustache Mr Robinson perusing it licking his lips – must have been bakery shows!

Wasn’t it great fun, having to rewind them before hauling them back to the video store? It was always such a thrill knowing you needed to get them back to the shop by your curfew – will you get a late fine? Won’t you get a late fine? Risky business was VHS.

      1. The humble boombox

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - boombox (2.0)

Ahh, the humble boombox. The boombox categorised a whole generation of ‘bad boys’ (and wannabe bad boys) as it became synonymous with urban street culture. Eventually, the boombox experienced a backlash as cities started banning them in public places – further solidifying their bad boy appeal.

The boombox was adopted as a signature by The Beastie Boys, The Clash and Schoolly D – yeah!

      1. Tamagotchi

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Tamagotchi (2.0)

It might be one of many outdated gadgets that kids won’t know, but most can thank their happiness and health for the good training that Tamagotchi’s provided their parents. Where would modern-day parenting be without the building block, stepping stones and solid foundation that Tamagotchi supplied? It’s no wonder the creator Aki Maita won the Nobel Prize in economics.

It’s a good thing to remember when your child dies; you can just press reset and get a new alien egg.

      1. Carphones

[We literally couldn’t find a good image of a carphone because the world has quietly decided to delete their entire existence].

Hello, kids, you know that big shop Carphone Warehouse where you go to buy your shiny iPhone that does everything but makes your breakfast? Do you know what it’s named after? Back in yesteryear when the world was black and white, cars had phones. And let me tell you, it was the height of sophistication. Apart from if you were a kid, in which case it meant pretending to be Batman in your dad’s fancy work car.

      1. Floppy disc

Outdated Gadgets with Kids Won't Know - Floppy Disc (2.0)

In terms of outdated gadgets that kids won’t know, floppy discs are possibly the most interesting. They were neither floppy nor discs.

Floppy discs were, however, extremely useful for externally storing all your important files – a technology revolution. Since computers had such tiny memory space (the first range of personal computers had around 5MB of storage, which is nearly half the smallest memory storage available on phones today), it was revolutionary.

Floppy discs were wonderful for a whole host of reasons, for instance, I’d never have learnt to sew if I hadn’t made a floppy disc holder in my year 8 textiles class.

      1. Motorola razr

Okay, so, a disclaimer: the Motorola Razr was released in the early 2000s – but we figured it should make the list anyhow.

The Motorola Razr was incredibly popular thanks to its “futuristic” look. Remember when you had to press a key three times to write one letter in a text message? I’m sure predictive text is to blame for slumping finger muscles.

I remember that I had a hot pink Razr because I’m girl and girls only had pink things.

      1. Nintendo Gameboy

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Gameboy (2.0)

Now we’re getting into big boy territory. The Nintendo Gameboy changed lives, (when you include the souped-up subsequent Game Boy Advance) it sold over 200 million units. It’s a wonder we didn’t destroy our eyes playing on the Game Boy’s tiny 2.6-inch olive green screen; especially considering the plug-in worm light that allowed you to continue straining your eyes into the night.

A chunky, somewhat dismal looking grey object with garish cerise-coloured buttons, Nintendo’s 1989 handheld invented the modern mobile game.

      • The Gameboy cable

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Gameboy Worm Light

It would have been foolish not to mention the Gameboy cable, but we felt it had such a large impact on mobile gaming it deserved its own subtitle. The Gameboy was the first step towards gaming as we know it today, then Nintendo took it one step further with the Gameboy cable.

The Gameboy cable allowed used to CONNECT our PORTABLE game consoles – please, someone get my inhaler. Play times were never the same again.

      1. Sony PlayStation (THE ORIGINAL DON)

Outdated Gadgets that Kids Won't Know - Sony PlayStation (2.0)

The original, the first, none came before this (they did, that’s a lie). Buying the Sony PlayStation was such a momentous time. You know when people retell stories like “I remember the first time I rode a bike” – I remember going to GAME to buy our PlayStation.

The Sony PlayStation gifted the world games like Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Golden Eye 007. How can we ever repay Sony?

Now that we’ve finished lamenting the past let’s look to the future: 10 Future Gadgets That Will Shape the Next Decade. I wonder how long it’ll take before these guys are on a list of redundancy?

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