10 cool Desk Gadgets that’ll make you the Office hero

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we spend a lot of time at work. Most of us work longer than the usual 9- 5; (to my manager, if you’re reading this, I always do because I’m a model employee), but that’s still more hours than you spend anywhere else. Sigh. That’s why at Gadget Comparer we’re big advocates for making our work surroundings as fun and comfortable as possible. Cool desk gadgets anyone?

There are lots of cool gadgets out there, but few will ensure your seat is the social hub of the office. Whether you’re planning on brightening your own desk or gifting one to a colleague prone to procrastination, there’s sure to be something on our top spot list that’ll make you the office hero!

10 cool Desk Gadgets that’ll take your Office from zero to hero:

  1. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Cookie Cup Warmer

Let’s be real, no one is getting through the working day without at least 5 cups of coffee. Whether you actually drink them or simply to hang around in the kitchen talking to colleagues, (note to my manager: I definitely don’t do this), then this cool desk gadget is a must.

We all know the literal worst thing is drinking the cold dregs of a tea or coffee. So, now, thanks to this nifty USB plugin, that hell-on-earth experience will be a thing of the past.

  1. USB LED Clock Fan

This is the cool desk gadget you never knew you needed.

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Clock Fan

It’s no longer necessary to bake in the office heat (which is perpetually turned up too high) with your own personal fan. But this isn’t just any fan; this is a neon USB clock fan.

The bendable lead means you can position the fan in any direction you choose. The soft propeller arms mean you shouldn’t hurt yourself, even if you accidentally touch them. And the neon LED clock ensures this is the ‘coolest’ fan you’ll ever own.

  1. Mini Desktop Arcade Machine

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Mini Arcade

Be the lunchtime hero, the mid-morning coffee break saviour. Be the person your dog thinks you are with this mini desktop arcade machine.

In this case the old saying “size doesn’t matter” really rings true as it comes preloaded with 240 retro 16-bit games! The sport, puzzle and arcade fantasy classics are delivered via a 2.5” colour screen, an 8-way functioning joystick and two buttons. It’s even completed by built-in speakers to enjoy sound effects for a full experience.

In conclusion, this cool desk gadget not only looks the part but plays it too!

  1. R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Desk Hoover

Do you have a messy colleague? One whose empty cereal bowl festers for days? Whose crisps crumbs fall haphazardly over the keyboard, and despite your best efforts to keep them at bay somehow their mess inches closer to you every day. I’m not talking from experience…

This little guy, the R2-D2 Desktop Vaccum, is the answer to your dreams! Not only will this cool desk gadget clean up the mess but he’ll look great too.

  1. The Decision Maker

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Decision Maker

For the “too tough to call” or “it’s Friday afternoon and we went to go to pub” decisions, grab yourself one of these Decision Makers.

Simply swing the silver ball so that it moves across the different answers on the base: yes, no and (rather unhelpfully), maybe. It’ll eventually get influenced by magnets in the base that’ll hold it above an answer. Job done! Off to the pub now then?

  1. Solar Tree Charger

Global warming is real and you can do your bit to help – even while you’re at work! Keep your digital devices working at their best while leaving no chemical pollution, carbon footprint or ozone depletion.

Money doesn’t grow on trees – but electricity can!

  1. Laser Keyboard

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Laser Keyboard

When it comes to cool desk gadgets, this is probably the coolest. No, this isn’t 3017, it’s just a fully functioning, portable laser keyboard.

It’s compact, lightweight and can be connected to any device via USB or Bluetooth. The English QWERTY has over 400 characters and even omits the authentic typing sound when you work.


  1. Robohub – The Robot USB Hub

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Robohub

With all these extra cool desk gadgets, you may need to invest in an external USB hub. But if you’re kitting your office out with cool stuff – why buy a boring portal?

  1. Desk Cable Clip

    GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - Desk Cable Clip

Now for a rather fundamental gadget. It may be small but the impact it’ll have will be mighty. The desk cable clip will keep your new gadgets wires’ in check, ensuring full functionality of your desk!

  1. USB Fridge

The ultimate cool desk gadget, your own mini fridge. No more worrying that people will eat your condiments in the communal fridge, (seriously people, please stop doing that), or drink your canned softies.

Hide your soft drinks with pride, while keeping them cool. Even complete with tacky (and rather unnecessary) fridge light. We’re sold!

GC - 10 Cool Desk Gadgets - USB Fridge


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