02 Deals: Where to Find the Best Contracts

Google Pixel XL | 32GB (Black) | £24.00p/m
02 Deals: Where to Find the Best Contracts

Pixel XL, the first ever smartphone by Google, boasts a range of new features as well as a large screen that's ideal for movies and games on the go.Upfront Cost: £359.99; Data: 1GB; Minutes: unlimited; Texts: unlimited; Length: 24 months.

02 Deals: Where to Find the Best Contracts

As of September 2017, 02 is the second-largest mobile network provider in the United Kingdom (after EE) and has been a major player in the phone contract landscape since the dawn of contractual mobile telecommunication. If you’re looking for a dependable network provider with a history of good quality, outstanding extras and are willing to pay moderate prices – then searching 02 deals should be a good place to start.

About 02 

02 is a leading digital communications company in the UK that, according to Ofcom, boasts the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider. Which, when one considers that the brand serves over 25million customers, is quite a feat.

02 provides customers with 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK as well as operating 02 Wi-Fi (free Wi-Fi hotspots available nationwide in places such as McDonald’s, Debenhams, Costa Coffee, House of Fraser, Café Rouge as well as over 94% of the London Underground network).

As a commercial brand of Telefónica UK Ltd. 02 has over 450 retail stores in the UK, owns half of Tesco Mobile and sponsors the 02 Arena, 02 Academy venues and England Rugby.

Apple iPhone X | 64GB |Grey

Upfront: £185.00; Data: 20GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone 8 | 256GB | Gold

Upfront: £354.99; Data: 12GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Apple iPhone 8 Plus | 64GB | Grey

Upfront: £29.99; Data: 30GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Google PX 2 | 64GB | White

Upfront: £145.00; Data: 3GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Samsung Galaxy 8 | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £100.00; Data: 16GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

LG V30 | 64GB | Silver

Upfront: £0.99; Data: 3GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

OnePlus 5T | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £9.99; Data: 4GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

Blackberry Keynote | 64GB | Black

Upfront: £84.99; Data: 3GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 24 months

02 Deals | Sim Only | Option 1

Upfront: £0; Data: 2GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months

02 Deals | Sim Only | Option 2

Upfront: £0; Data: 300MB; Minutes: 1500; Texts: 1500; Length: 12 months

02 Deals | Sim Only | Option 3

Upfront: £0; Data: 5GB; Minutes: Unlimited; Texts: Unlimited; Length: 12 months


Top 02 Deals

When we talk about 02 deals we don’t just mean getting the cheapest price, after all, you have to pay for quality. When Gadget Comparer talks about 02 deals we mean the contracts with the most benefits, the biggest tariffs and with the least amount of restriction. So, before comparing 02 deals make sure to take into consideration the following pointers:

  1. Data Allowance

You’re probably hearing the word “data” a lot lately (and sorry to say it but you’re going to be hearing it more too); but if you’re a smartphone user then data allowance should be the first and most important factor.

If you only send the occasional email then 1GB will be enough to get you by, if you’re using apps like WhatsApp to message and socially scrolling all day then you’ll need to search for 02 deals of 4GB and over.

Still not sure? Check out the Help and Support page from 02 about understanding data.

  1. Contract Length

Technology is ever moving forward, I mean, Apple are bringing out a ground-breaking phone every year. You don’t want to get tied into a contract and left behind.

If the price is super low, you’ll probably find you’ve signed yourself into a 30-month contract. No, no, you don’t want that. You should expect 24-month contract these days and with most 02 deals you should have Upgrade on Us options. Just make sure to check the tariff.

  1. Overseas Charges

We all travel far more than we used to and using our phones abroad is quickly becoming non-negotiable. Most mobile network providers will include roaming within your normal tariff, but some will limit it to certain countries e.g. just Europe. International roaming charges are the highest expense so ensure to check your locational allowance to avoid painful post-holiday blues.

  1. Freebies

02 Deals Perk Pic (1)To try and win new customers all providers will offer extra freebies to go with your contract, and when it comes to 02 their benefits package is never-ending. It’s worth weighing up how much these freebies on the 02 deals will save you in the long run.

  1. Unwanted Add-Ons

We’re all guilty of clicking yes, yes, yes, I agree with all your boring T&C’s, but they could be slipping in unwanted and expensive add-ons. Before signing up to anyone, including any of the 02 deals, make sure to read the small print!

02 Phone Contract Perks 

02 Priority

We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard about this phone contract perk, 02 Priority is a pretty big one for music or entertainment fanatics.

The 02 Priority benefit allows phone contract holders exclusive offers from high street brands, tickets and experiences and entertainment. Alongside this, 02 Priority also boasts a 48-hour early viewing period on your favourite Channel 4 shows such as Made in Chelsea, Fresh Meat and Peep Show.

Perks at 02 Venues 

The good treatment doesn’t stop there. After grabbing your early-bird, exclusive tickets for your favourite band thanks to 02 Priority, if you’re attending an 02 venue you’ll be privy to fast-track entry, 02 customer exclusive bars, the helping hands of the 02 Angel (whatever that means) and even a massage – if you’re lucky!

At The 02 Arena

Fast-track entry with the 02 fast-track lanes or by asking an 02 Angel. Entry to the 02 Lounge or 02 Blueroom Bar on level 1 concourse.

Maximum party size is limited to 4 people per 02 phone contract holder and subject to availability.

At 02 Academy Venues

Fast-track entry and special 02 Angels treatment.

At Twickenham Stadium

A pre-match pie and pint!

Pay As You Go 02 Rewards

02 Deals Phone Pic (1)Long-standing 02 network users can also benefit from 02 Rewards. This works by giving back either 5 or 10% of your top-ups that can be spent on phones, accessories, extra credit, shopping vouchers; or even team up with your 02 Priority and put towards Ticketmaster tickets.

02 More Flexibility

Adding to the almost endless list of perks that 02 offers its customers is their service called More Flexibility. It aims to keep up with the growing and ever moving mobile industry that puts new customers off from signing up to length contracts by offering a range of benefits like 02 Refresh, 02 Recycle and Upgrade on Us.

02 Refresh 

Do you tire of your phone quickly and often find yourself locked into lengthy contracts that leave no wiggle room? Then 02 Refresh will be a melody to your ears.

02 Refresh allows customers to upgrade to a new phone model whenever. This service works by splitting your Pay Monthly bill into two parts:

Part One: The Device Plan – the cost of your handset or tablet.

Part Two: The Airtime Plan – the charge for data, texts and minutes.

This system allows customers to trade in their current handsets at any time, the value of which will go towards paying off the remaining Device Plan cost.

Are you a 02 customer but haven’t opted for 02 Refresh? Do it online or in-store and you’ll receive 25% off your remaining contract when you upgrade. If you’ve had a 12-month Pay Monthly Sim Contract for over three months, then they’ll even let you upgrade on the day you opt-in.

Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

02 Recycle 

Thanks to the growing speed at which we upgrade our handsets and acquire new gadgets the redundant stockpile of by-gone tech pieces in the average home is also increasing. Encased in these gadgets is valuable materials that can be recycled, reused and rehashed into newer models. 02 Recycle allows people to cash in their old gadgets and outdated handsets for their cash equivalent and you don’t even need to be on the 02 network to make the most of scheme.

02 Upgrade on Us 

02 Sim (1)Another way 02 are combating our generational fear of commitment and being tied into a long contract is with their Upgrade on Us scheme whereby after purchasing a new iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus on one of the 20GB tariffs (or higher) on a Yearly Upgrade Programme then 02 will automatically upgrade your handset after 12 months, free of charge.

Sim Only 02 Deals 

More and more people are opting to buy new handsets outright or keep hold of ones when their contract runs out and add on their tariff through a sim only contract. Why? Well, firstly it’s a cheaper option, and if you have the money to pay for a handset upfront then you’ll save yourself some money then by paying monthly; and secondly, despite the growing speed of technology our phones are now so advanced that once a contract comes to an end our handsets are still working and running fine. In these instances, Pay As You Go (remember that from yesteryear?) is still a very real and good option.

Adding to the increase in sim sales is the necessity of tariffs for tablets, iPads, Dongles, business phone sims and event international sim cards for the avid traveller